Friday, June 24, 2016

Clean awful, sunk in, smelly stains out of your carpet!!

Alright so I just go two new puppies and they are the most adorable things like ever lol:)

But if you know anything about puppies (no matter how adorable they are) then you know that when puppy pad training them, they can make a lot of nasty messes. If you are like me then you have carpet somewheres in your home and it just so happens that's where the puppies decide they wanna do their business (instead of the puppy pad). Now my puppies are smart so they hit the puppy pad at least 50% of the time (thank God!) or I would probably be really, really upset! 
Anyway, I was experimenting with the best ways to get urine and poo stains out of the carpet (that also gets rid of the smell) and I discovered a really great way to do that (I just had to share it with y'all). I'm sure that this would work for other things as well like if you have a child and they like to make huge messes on your carpet or maybe just for regular stain removal, but I used it to bring my carpets back to their non-smelly, non-nasty ways lol:) 

To make this easier for y'all to read, I'm gonna break it down into steps: 
  1. Vacuum your carpet before doing anything else!!!! <-------very important!!!!
  2. I then took a can of Woolite Heavy Traffic Carpet Cleaner (pick it up from Walmart for $4.12 ( click on "Walmart" to go to the site to buy it!!) Then spray where you need it to be (I sprayed my whole carpet), wait a couple minutes (I waited 10 minutes), then vacuum it up! This stuff is not good for removing the stains but it makes the smell go away!
  3. The next day I took Spot Shot Pet to the worse areas of the carpet, let it sit for 5 minutes, then scrubbed and scrubbed with a white, wet towel. You could definatley see the stains coming out (the white towel wasn't white anymore) and this stuff left behind a nice, clean scent as well. Its also safe for use around pets and children, which is a plus!! :) You can buy it for $5.77 from Jet
  4. I then opened a window and turned on a fan to allow the carpet to dry completely, and once that was done I used one more product to make sure it would smell good (I love stuff that smells good). I then took Arm & Hammer Extra Strength Carpet Odor Eliminator and sprinkled it on the carpet then I vacuumed it up (it smelled awesome!!) You can get it at Jet for $4.20 (click on "Jet" to go there)
Once all that was done, there were no more stains and no more smell!! :) 

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