Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Immortal Rules By- Julie Kagawa

 "To survive in a ruined world, she must embrace the darkness"
The Immortal Rules Series of books are great!!! I have read all three in the series and just can't stop rereading them over and over again. I love vampire books and this book has romance, action, and a lot of ass-kicking by the main character, Allison! I know that vampire books are over-used and there are tons of them out there-but trust me, this book is a good start to a series that you will not want to put down!!!
To begin with, vampires rule the world in this book and are blood-drinking monsters! This book also has things called rabids in it, which are like zombies (mindless) and vampires combined and they threaten the existence of both vampires and humans alike. The humans in this book are suffering (starved and having a hard time existing), however not all humans live like that...the registered humans live inside the city (and are well taken care of) in exchange for their blood. If you are unregistered, then you have no protection from rabids and rogue vampires (and must survive on your own). Allison Sekemoto is an unregistered and this story follows her as she tries to survive on the fringes of society, that is until she becomes the thing that she hates the most (a vampire)! Anyway, I won't divulge anymore if this got you curious, get the books and read them for yourselves:)

The Books in the series are:
1.) The Immortal Rules
2.)The Eternity Cure
3.) The Forever Song

**I promise that after you finish the series, you will wish that Julie Kagawa would make more books to this series!!


  1. it really was a good book love you sweetie Daisy's fiance

  2. I know!! I absolutely loved this book!!! It had a great take on vampires ruling the world---and brought back blood-thirsty vampires:) I love you too!! <3


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