Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Welcome to my book blog:)

Hey!! Welcome to my book blog:) I love to read and with that love came the want to recommend good books to other people (and to talk about a book and my opinions on it). My opinions are purely mine and I would love to hear what your opinions on the book are when you read it (or if you have already read it). I would also love if yall would recommend books that you have enjoyed and want me to read and review:) One of my favorite hobbies when I am bored or just plain craving a book is to read (and read for hours at a time, with that). Since you are here on my site, then I guess that you love to read as well:) Enjoy my site and please feel free to contact me at anytime through my gmail ( or my yahoo ( I have added a contact form if you prefer to use that, and feel free to play with the little animated pets on my page:) If you wouldn't mind, I also have a poll up at the bottom of my if you would answer that, I would be grateful:)


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