Friday, July 29, 2016

Apps that you need for your Android Tablet!!!

Hey guys! Today's blog is all about some awesome apps that you all need to look into. I have a Galaxy Tab A tablet and I absolutely love these apps!! :)
  1. Pandora= A FREE music app that lets you listen to pretty much any type of music that you can name!! I love this app so much and use it daily when I am relaxing or when I doing some chores and errands. My favoirite thing to do with this app is to plug the aux cord into my tablet and then plug it into the car and then I can listen to Pandora on my car:) You can also get this app for your phone!
  2. Scribd= This is a book reading app that you have to pay $8.99 a month for but you can read up to a certain amount of books and listen to a certain amount of audiobooks a month for that price. You get one audiobook  a month and 3 books a month, however if you are like me and don't read a lot of books because you have a really busy schedule then you can rack up on audiobooks and books. An example of racking up on them is that for this month I have 8 monthly books allowed and 5 audiobooks allowed!! :) 
  3. Ebay= This is a free shopping app and you can also sell stuff on here (I do, my account name is girly1996 if you wanna look me up). I have had both good and bad experiences with this app--just like any other shopping place--some things that I get are a rip-off and some things are actually pretty great for the price. Examples-- I ordered my fiance a PS2 game called Lord of the Rings (he is a big fan and he wants to play the older games) and it came shipped basically brand new, no scratches, with everything included for like $2.00 including shipping:) Another example would be a really cute pair of earrings that I ordered from there--they were cherry blossom earrings with cute little rhinestones-- and I got tons of compliments on them, only downside is that they turned green after like 5 months but I only paid $0.99 total for them. A bad example would be when I ordered this really cute red bikini with gold decorations on the sides....the bikini bottoms were falling apart and the bikini top had these weird spiral gold bungee like things on them and was too small (I ordered it in my size--a 34 D), in the pic it covered the boobs but in real life it covered nothing :((
  4. Receipt Hog= This a free app that you can use to upload your receipts from stores, restaurants, pretty much everywhere and you can redeem coins that can be turned into cash, tickets to win sweepstakes, and free lotto spins on a game called Hog Slots (which will reward coins and daily trips). It takes 1,000 coins to redeem $5, 1,800 coins to redeem $10, 3,200 coins to redeem $20, and 4, 500 coins to redeem $30.  But, why not turn receipts that you would normally throw away into cash?
  5. Water Drink Reminder= I love this app as it reminds me to drink more water!! You put in your weight and then it estimates how much water you need in a day. For 130 pounds, you need 65.8 oz of water a day. You can set alarms to remind you and you can link fitness devices to it if you are trying to lose weight. 
  6. Sketchbook for Galaxy= I'm an artsy person and I love to sketch, paint, and color to my hearts content! This app is one of the most realistic drawing apps on the market, that I have found, and it has all sorts of tools and colors just waiting to be used. 
  7. The Game of Life= I have loved this game since I was a small child, so when I found it on my tablet in the Play Store, I knew that I just had to buy it. I paid like $1.99 for it and the graphics and game play are pretty awesome. Try it out!
  8. Are you smarter than a 5th grader= I like the game show so I figured that I would play the FREE gaming app. I downloaded it onto my tablet and I like that you can challenge your friends or play solo.
  9. Deal or No Deal= I love the game show, so I figured why not? This game is pretty fun and I like to get my family together and we play the game together. 
  10. Family Feud 2= My family and I love this game show, so I downloaded the app. This game is pretty fun, although not the best. 
  11. Pawn Stars= This a free game that is based off of the television show, my fiance got me into playing this and I play it almost daily. 
  12. The Walking Dead= Free game based off of the app, its a pretty fun game with decisions that need to be made. You can join a gang and interact with your game and build up your defenses. 
  13. Surgeon 3= This is a silly, free, surgeon game. I get some laughs out of some of the situations and it can be quite challenging. 
  14. Tiny Scanner= I couldn't find the power cord for my printer and I had to scan a document for college. I found this free app and gave it a try! It looked like a real scanned document and I could email it straight from this app.
  15. Wish= A free shopping app! I have heard mixed reviews on this app and have yet to order anything from it. The products that I have seen look nice and they have reviews but I don't know yet. I will order something off this app here soon and then write a review on my blog, so stay tuned!
  16. AVG Antivirus= This is an antivirus app that you can use to protect your tablet, it is free so it doesn't work as great as a paid version but it works pretty well. 
  17. AVG Cleaner= This app helps to reduce junk on your tablet that you don't need, thus saving you space. It cleans out the cache's, cookie's, etc. 
  18. 360 Security- This is a free antivirus app that you can download for either a tablet or a phone. I use two free apps to help with protection and they work pretty well together. You can use this app to boost your tablet or phone--which means to shut down battery draining apps and to clean junk off there. I like the way that this free app works and it is easy to use, so go try it out! :) 
 Anyway, I figured that I would give you guys something else to read, lol! I don't feel that great today so I probably won't be back on here until at least tommorow--depending on how I feel-- Have a great day/night! :) 


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