Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hey guys!!

So, I have noticed that a lot of people are looking at my blog and wanted to say thanks:) I started this blog with only a dream in my head that maybe people would like what I typed up and you guys have proven that I can run a blog! I would love to hear y'all opinions though, that way I can type about stuff that you are interested in. Like did you like my food post about McDonald's, yes or no and why?!? Did you all like the book reviews? Would you like me to post about video games? How about makeup? I would love to hear from my viewers about what can and should be improved! Your experience on the site is important to me:) 
Also, don't forget that I have subscribe buttons on my blog so that you can get updates on what I blog about and that you can share content that you liked with your friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. using the buttons at the bottom of each post. If you would rather want your opinion to be seen by me only then please feel free to email me at or I am so happy to be over 200 pageviews and never dreamed that would happen! 

Keep being awesome!!!

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