Thursday, July 21, 2016

Mcdonalds Frappe's

So as I sit here with what feels like no energy and drinking a coke to pick me up, I am really craving a McDonald's Frappe!! I love these drinks because they have just the right amount of coffee (not too much to make it bitter) and enough sugar (plus they look pretty yummy!). I use to drink the Chocolate Chip Frappe but they got rid of it :'((   ~~~they really need to bring it back~~  I will drink the Caramel Frappe from their with no other choice but I usually avoid the Mocha Frappe because for some weird reason, I don't like the taste! These drinks are full of calories---Caramel and Mocha weighing in at about 440-450 calories each and Chocolate Chip Frappe weighing in at about 530 calories (which I know is a lot!!! But with the sweet taste and the energy it gives me--I can the go for a walk or work out and feel better about it). I haven't found any other coffee drinks that tastes like the McDonald's coffee drinks (wish I could though). Anyway, if you have never tried one then you might want to try one (and then regret it and work out later, lol).

   <<This is a McDonald's Caramel Frappe which has a really yummy caramel taste mixed in with the iced coffee (blended) and has caramel and whipped cream on top.                                                
This is a McDonald's Mocha Frappe which has a mocha taste mixed in with the iced coffee (blended) and has mocha and whipped cream on top!

This is a Chocolate Chip Frappe from McDonald's and it has chocolate chips blended together with coffee and ice with caramel and mocha drizzle on top of whipped cream.

Thirsty yet?!? Because these pictures made me crave one even more but I will stick to my Coca-Cola for the day!! :) I mean are you really living life if you are counting every single calorie that you intake?!? I think not, lol! :)

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