Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Favorite School/College Supplies!!

Hey guys! I know that both school and college is about to start about and so I wanted to share with y'all some of my favorite school supplies!!
  1. Pilot G-2 Pens--These are my favorite gel pens of all time!! They write smoothly, are comfortable to write with, and the ink doesn't smear. You can get them in assorted colors or your classic black and blues at pretty much any store. I prefer the classic black for filling out paperwork and such, but the pretty assorted colors to take notes (Don't judge me lol, it makes it easier to pay attention to study!!). I will link my favorite place to buy school supplies into this, and you can get anywhere from a 2 pack in these pens to a 12 pack. I usually get the 2 pack because these pens last a pretty long time and they are only like $2.50. C lick here to go buy them!! 
  2. Sharpie Highlighters-- I love Sharpie Highlighters because they come in bright colors and are smear proof. I have used these highlighters since middle school and highly recommend them because they last a pretty long time. I have used both the small neon ones and the larger ones so I will link them both.  To get the small neon ones for $5.75 (5 pack) click here! To get the bigger ones for $4.66, click here!
  3. Papermate Flair Felt Tip Marker Pen-- These pens are great for taking notes, because you can color code them and it makes them easier to study by attracting your attention. These are awesome because they do not bleed through the paper and they don't smear. You can buy an assorted color 12-pack from Walmart for $11.31 by clicking here
  4. BIC Extra-Strong Lead Pencils (Neon)--These lead pencils have stronger lead so less of that really annoying lead breaking!! These are a little pricey but I was satisfied with paying that much for them because they have stronger lead than the other brands, are neon color, and you get a 24 pack for the price (so they last you quite a while). You can buy them off Walmart for $16.41 by clicking here
  5. Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper (College Ruled)-- I discovered this paper in 12th grade of high school and wish that I had discovered it earlier!! This paper is such a life-saver, especially if you are like me and have your papers ripping out of your binder and falling out. This paper has like a plastic stuff around the punched holes so that it won't fall out and you can't rip it out!! It is more expensive than most of your other paper however, would you rather fight with your binder or not have to worry about it?!? You can buy this paper from Walmart for $5.68 for 100 pages by clicking here
  6. Post-it Flags plus highlighter-- I discovered this awesome invention in my freshman year of college and have loved it ever since! With one side of this you can highlight important things in your textbooks and notebooks while with the other side you can flag it (I would flag pages that I had to read or pages of my notes that I needed to study!!). You can buy it at Walmart for $5.29 by clicking here!
  7. Five Star Wirebound 3-Subject Notebook (College Ruled)-- This 3-subject notebook has 150-sheets in it and comes in a variety of colors (I have the light blue one). It has a sturdy poly cover, pockets for storage, and perforated pages for easy tearing out. You can buy these at Walmart for $6.52 by clicking here
  8. Weekly Planner-- Lastly, if you are going to succeed at school or especially college then you need to be organized and keep up with whats due and when! Walmart has tons of weekly planners to choose from...all in different colors, patterns, styles, sizes, prices, etc. Some of my favorites that I have found being this one <---click the "one" to go to it, this one, and this one.  <----- most of those planners are girly (sorry, but they were cute!). If I didn't link one that you like then feel free to go to and choose your own:)
So, that ends my list of favorite school supplies and to sum it up I like bright, useful, and pretty:) If you have any favorite school supplies, feel free to comment below by clicking "Comments" or "No Comments". Thanks for checking into my blog, hope that I helped you to discover some awesome school/college supplies! :)


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