Friday, July 22, 2016

PS3 games that you need to play!!!

I am still a big PS3 fan even though the PS4 has came out and been out for awhile! I just can't get over the vast array of video games available for the PS3 and the quality of the games. I have tons of PS3 games and have played them all at least twice, so I felt like sharing some of my favorites with y'all!
Heavy Rain-  This game is a decision based game and your decisions change the game, but unlike most games-- this one is a psychological thriller in which the Origami Killer has taken a new victim, a little boy. You get to play as several different characters throughout the game and all of them are trying to find this boy before the Origami Killer kills him. You start out playing as the dad and its all bright and cheery as you interact with your wife and the two boys that you have. However, things later turn dark and fast paced as you try to find this little boy by using characters like the father, an FBI agent, a local detective, and another woman that the father later meets after his wife left him (long story). You can watch a video on Youtube with the trailer. I give this game 5 stars as it is still my favorite and I have replayed all the different scenarios several times with different outcomes every time. This game has great graphics and a really nice story behind it.

 The Walking Dead- This game is another decision based game but it adds zombies into the mix! This game is based off the Walking Dead T.V. Show!  Your decisions as you try to survive the zombie apocalypse change the story around you. The back of the game says "Make every choice like it's your last....The world we knew is gone. The dead have risen to feed on the living. The living cannot be trusted. Starving. Never safe. Looking for hope." You can watch the trailer here! I give this game 5/5 stars as I have replayed it and replayed it to get incredible outcomes. Getting to learn all of the characters backgrounds and seeing what you presumed to be good people become liers, makes this game really epic. It was really hard for me to choose which characters to let die at times--which adds to the emotional level of this game--because I felt like I knew the characters personally.

 The Last of Us- Joel and Ellie, brought together by harsh circumstance, must survive a brutal journey across the U.S. in a dangerous post-pandemic world. See the trailer here! I was so excited for this game when it first came out and I actually got it that very next Christmas! This game has great graphics, some great characters, and a nice story line. I felt that, at times, Ellie could of been more help and some of the battles in this game were challenging. This games characters seem extremely realistic as well, which adds to the overall experience. I rate this game 5/5.

 Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City- Raccoon City has fallen. You are part of Umbrella's Elite cleanup squad sent in to purge all evidence of their involvement. All survivors must be eliminated. All Roads Lead to Hell. Watch the trailer here! I love this game because you get to become the bad guys who work for Umbrella. The graphics for this game are awesome and the missions for this game are pretty challenging at parts. I give this game a 5/5 rating and highly recommend that you play it at least once!!!

 Resident Evil 5- The world has learned the meaning of terror. A decade after the events of Raccoon City, the Umbrella Corporation has been destroyed. But the effects of its horrific creations still linger. Gripped in fear of another biological incident. World governments formed the bio-terrorism security assessment alliance. Determined to stem the spread of biological attacks. Now, Agent Chris Redfield has been sent to Africa to investigate the reports of a new, more dangerous outbreak. Joined by his partner, Sheva Alomar, both must work together to discover what's really happening and stop whomever is continuing umbrella's evil legacy. This game also introduces two-player co-op for the first time with Resident Evil games:) I love that you can play with the computer or along with a fried sitting right beside you! This game isn't the best out of the Resident Evil franchise because if you play with the computer playing as Sheva, then sometimes she will ignore what she should be doing. Also, Shevea is really annoying in this game!! I still give it a 4/5 though and recommend it for fans of the franchise.
Watch the trailer here!
Resident Evil 6- No Hope Left. The world is in turmoil. The C Virus has spread to epidemic proportions. The bio-terror threat looks to lead humanity into a chilling end of days. When all goodbyes have been said and all hope seems lost, one final struggle begins. Watch the trailer here! This game is definetly better than Resident Evil 5 with its story and characters. Plus, the grapics are pretty great as well! The action is pretty high in this game. I give this game a 5/5.

 Resident Evil Revelations- A top operative missing. A ship abandoned. When agents investigate, they encounter a terror that will push them beyond the limits of sanity. Let the masters of survival horror take you into the heart of Resident Evil.  Watch the trailer here! This game has some puzzles in it and has some pretty hard battles! I like the story of this game and that it links resident evil 4 to resident evil (what happens in between the two games!!).

^^^^^^if you can't tell, lol! I love the Resident Evil series and always have, even since I was a little girl playing these games with my daddy!!! :) <3 


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