Wednesday, July 27, 2016

PS3 Games that you need to play!!

Hey guys! As promised lol, here is the second part to PS3 games that you need to play! Like in my earlier post, I will provide a description and a video of the game from Youtube. I will also give the game a rating from 1-5 like in the other part of this post. Please keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and that they should be viewed as such.

 Dead Island- "Fight every day as if it were your last" The tropical island of Banoi has been struck by a relentless zombie outbreak and you're caught in the midst of it. Survive the terror, explore the mystery, and maybe you will make it out of a paradise to die for. This game has great graphics, intense combat, a beautiful open world tropical island, vicious zombie hordes, and tons of gore!!! For the reasons listed, I give this game a 5/5. Watch the trailer here!

Dead Island Riptide- The second part to Dead Island! Hope is drowning. Get ready to return to zombie infected shores. Can you survive the impossible? Lots of actions with new skills and weapons. Explore Palanai, a new island filled with deadly quests and zombies. Fight the hordes alone or online with friends. This game has stunning graphics, another beautiful island, lots of action, some new zombies, new characters, and lots of zombie killing gore! I give this game a 5/5. You can watch the trailer here!

 WatchDogs- I actually did not think that I would like this game, and I was right, I loved it!!! It kinda reminds me of grand theft auto--you can steal vehicles and kill people but with a futuristic touch--hacking into cameras, people's phones, car alarm systems, red lights, etc. Hacking is your weapon in this game! There are over 100 hacks to turn Chicago into your ultimate weapon. Play as Aiden Pierce, a brilliant hacker whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy. Access omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control public transportation, and more!! I give this game a 5/5 and highly recommend it to any gamer!! You can watch the trailer here!!


L.A. Noire- I know that there are a lot of bad reviews on this game online and I just can't understand why?!? This game is a crime thriller that happens in the 1940's in Los Angeles (I have always been curious about the time period, and so being able to play a video game set in that time period was pretty cool!!!) This game is full of chases and shootouts and true detective work like interrogations and clue-finding. You play as a newly-minted officer named Cole Phelps and you are on a desperate search in a city where everyone has something to hide.I give this game a 4/5. You can watch a trailer here

 Sleeping Dogs- Beneath the vibrant neon of this island metropolis exists a treacherous criminal underworld. You are Wei Shen, an undercover cop tasked with the infiltration and dismantling of a Triad criminal empire. Caught between your loyalty to the badge and a criminal code of honor you will play a very dangerous game. Undercover. The rules are different. This game actually suprised me, because I didn't think that I would like it. The fighting is kind of hard to get used to, as it is a lot of button pushing and is hand to hand combat instead of weapons. This game has pretty good graphics and a great storyline. There are gory scenes and explosions and some drama....AWESOME!!! This game makes you want to choose the side of the Triad, once you get to know the story more and more. This game is sort of like Grand Theft Auto. I give this game a 4/5. You can also kidnap people off the street and put them in the trunk of your lol:)  You can watch the trailer here!

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