Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Influenster Box:)

Hey guys! As you should know by now, I receive things for free (for my honest review) from a site called Influenster. I really encourage you guys to check out this site
Tresemme FreshStart Dry Shampoo

I received a can of dry shampoo to try out this time:) It is the Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo. 
It comes in a black and bright yellow can and claims to Refresh and Revive hair without water, it also claims to have mineral clay in it to help volumize your hair. I used this dry shampoo one day when it was really hot outside and I felt gross (to say the least!) however since I was in the middle of doing stuff and was taking a shower that night, I decided to try out my Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo. This dry shampoo did make the sweat disappear and I didn't feel oily, it didn't leave a white residue (make sure you follow the directions of shaking it and holding it a couple inches away), and it smelled nice and fresh. This helped me to get through the rest of the day without feeling all gross. The only downside is that it did not volumize my thin hair, which I was really looking forward too! I still give it 4 out of 5 stars because it didn't smell too bad and it did make me less oily/sweaty:) This is perfect for a quick fix of oil or sweat but not for volumizing your hair. I still highly recommend that y'all check out this dry shampoo:)

Monday, August 15, 2016


Hey guys! Today I want to talk about a topic that I know a lot of you won't agree with but it is my opinion to give. 
I support a site called Fight the New Drug-- 
I highly suggest that y'all check out this site and maybe pledge to fight against porn! There are tons of facts about porn use and how it affects those that use it, today I am going to share some of the facts on the site.  ----This article talks about the dark side to porn!And one that y'all should check out!

"To viewers, pornography can appear a fantasy world of pleasure and thrills. To those who create and participate in making pornography, however, their experiences are often flooded with drugs, disease, slavery, trafficking, rape and abuse." <<one quote from the article!!

 "I got the &*%$ kicked out of me …. Most of the girls start crying because they’re hurting so bad …. I couldn’t breathe. I was being hit and choked. I was really upset and they didn’t stop. They kept filming. [I asked them to turn the camera off] and they kept going. –Regan Starr [1]" << another quote from the article!! 

Here is another article from the site, that y'all should check out!:

To read more of the facts go to the website and click "Get the Facts".

 If you want to get involved with the  #PornKillsLove movement then visit this link (

**There are also tons of video's on the site about the #pornkillslove movement, the reasons behind the movement, facts about porn and porn use, and stories of people who have been affected by porn use (in one way or another, whether they were in the porn industry or they have been affected in one way or another due to porn). Some of the videos are informational and tell you about porn use and the effects it has. This site is really worthwhile to look into! It gives you info that most people don't know about porn and it really opens your eyes up to the darkness that surrounds porn and porn use. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Inspirational quotes for the day!!

Hey guys!! These quotes ^^ really stood out to me and I hope that they help you as well:) Also, don't forget that you are never facing something alone!! I am only one email, Facebook, Tweet, comment on this blog, etc. away! The site 7 Cups of Tea also has trained listeners who will be there for you:) Here is my personal referral link---->


Hey guys! I wanted to talk about something that is really close to my heart <3 I know that there are times in your life when you are struggling with something (work stress, school stress, a break-up with who you thought was the love of your life, bullying, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on and on!) We are all human and unfortunately sometimes we have circumstances in which we are facing these problems all alone, we don't know who to turn to for a good talk due to being judged, or we don't feel like talking about it with someone that we could see every day. 
I am an active listener on a site called 7 Cups of Tea! I listen to your problems (I have been trained how to do so) and I encourage you to tell me more about how you feel. I will discuss some of your problems with you and help you to feel better. I don't judge you, I don't put you down, and I don't abandon you! If you need someone to talk to then please do not hesitate to use this link <----It's my personal referral link! You click it and I guarantee that we can sort all of this out and that you can feel at least a little bit better at the end of the chat:) Even better, the site is free to use and you can come back day after day to talk to us listeners:) We are virtual listeners so you never know who you are actually talking to, but you can be confident in the fact that they have taken listening tests and passed them:) If you set an account through them (also free!) then you can start this thing called your Progress Path and learn more about yourself (your feelings, your thoughts, your inner-most problems), you can feel more positive about things in your life (what you are thankful for, what makes you happy, etc.), and you can kill time while interacting on a really nice and friendly site:) A lot of people do not know about this site, which is sad! This site is so awesome and it has helped me through some of the  toughest times in my life! We need to get the word out there about this site! 
This site also offers therapy (not free) at cheaper prices than most therapists charge! The therapist will help you to discover your deep down issues and to fix them, one by one! :) I strongly urge everyone to check out this site, because honestly who doesn't get a little down every now and again? Who doesn't get upset with life in general? 
 **Another thing that I just signed up for on the site is an internship through the site! You become a listener when you sign up for this and then work to help people (for no money) with problems that they are facing. It makes me feel better knowing that I am making a change in someones life (possibly changing their life) and it will look good on my college transcript:) 


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

SheSpeaks and Influenster!

I want to tell y'all about these two awesome sites where you try out products for free and then write them your review. I know that there are tons of scammy sites out there like that but these two are not one of them! I have actually received items for my review, reviewed them, and I felt like part of the community! one is just for the ladies and it is pretty awesome!! I received Tampax Pocket Pearl Tampons to review (and still have some to use in my bathroom drawer! How awesome!!) and I also received a book that hadn't been released (at the time of the review). The book was Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris and my review on it is under this blog post:) Its a simple sign up process and they even have parties and giveaways on here:) This site is definitely worth your time and email so give it a try!! :) <3 At the moment, I entered a giveaway to win Katy Perry's Makeup Collection, so I am excited and hope that I win it!!! :)

Influenster- is another great site that is real and not scammy! This site can be used by men and women and you can even download the Influenster App off of the Google Play Store:) I have had one thing to review through them and that would be the Zzzquil. I have one box currently on its way here (Dry Shampoo to try out!) and I might be in for another one but I'm not sure yet. The more social media that you have, the more your social impact (which means the more likely you are to get a product to review). If y'all can see the logo to the right of my blog that means that I am Influenster certified and shows how much I appreciate the site:) You can do a thing called Snaps on here which is answering questions about products you have used and then writing reviews on those same products. You also earn Badges for different types of things that you do and Snaps that you answer...Ex. I have a Pet Badge because I have pets:) Y'all should really consider trying it out because who doesn't like free stuff?!?!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Guinea Pigs and Rabbits:)

Hey guys! 
So, I have three guinea pigs and a rabbit and I am learning new stuff to feed them and to let them play with and do everyday! I love my guinea pigs and my rabbit, however all the things that they need can be quite expensive (food, toys, things to chew on, hiding places, etc.). I buy my guinea pigs food from the Food Lion, Walmart, or Tractor Supply for $5.00 and buy the rabbit food from Farm Bureau, which is a small store that has horse feed, dog food, and rabbit food plus vegetables and flowers to plant (really good price too! We pay $3.00 for 5 pounds of rabbit feed). 
I give my guinea pigs and my rabbit a soda box cut in half to play with, hide in, and chew on (they love!!!) and I also give them toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls) to chew on, as well. We buy Pine Shavings from Tractor Supply (it's called TSC Premium Pine Shavings 63.7 L) and use them to fill the guinea pig cages and the rabbit's litter pan (small animal litter pan, they are a lot less messier that way). I also buy Pine Pellets to put in the bunny litter pan called Cozy N Fresh and we got it at Tractor Supply for around $6. They are very absorbent, are safe for the animals (even if they eat it), and are eco-friendly (they turn to dust when they need changed). 
Now, I know that if you read online they will urge you to stay away from this type of bedding but I have never had  a problem with it, it makes the cages smell good, and it is pretty absorbent (my guinea pigs are 1 yr old, and two 8 yr old and they haven't shown any sign of sickness). In fact, they are nice, healthy, and constantly squeaking at everything (lol). 
I also use zip-ties to hold the water bottles in place instead of the poorly made drink holders---see tips & tricks up above for more info. The rest of the rabbit cage I put down newspaper all around the litter pan (it takes up a whole corner) and layer it to like 3-layers, then I put some bedding on top (pine pellets then pine shavings). 
Also, guinea pigs and rabbits need Timothy Hay to keep their digestive systems working properly--if you run out of it, then you can give them regular grass out of your yard (wash it first) until you get some more. My pets love when I pick them grass out of the yard (especially the really long grass that grows around the fence). Don't forget that they need exercise as well!! I take mine out in the yard and let them run around in their cages (I take out the bottom pans and sit something on top) so that they can eat grass and run around to their hearts content (Their cages are really big!!). I also let them run around my room and put them in a play pen out in the yard sometimes. 
Another thing is that they love vegetables and fruits-- Google online to find out safe ones. I usually do carrots, green peppers, raisins, seedless grapes, and orange slices (no peel or seeds).
**I just blogged this, in hopes that I could help out some of you out there who either don't know what to do for your guinea pigs/rabbit or are thinking that they are too expensive to have:) 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Clean the Green Stuff from your cheaper jewerly

Hey guys! Hope your day has been great, as mine was mostly full of freelancing at home and getting an ice-cream with mother lol:) I wanted to talk about (and mostly to give y'all a little tip!) on how to keep your cheaper jewelry looking nice! As a college student and someone who freelances plus works at home, I don't have the money to spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry (and I know that some of y'all are in the same boat). So I was experimenting with cleaning my jewelry in a safe, non-chemical, at-home way and guess what?!?

My engagement ring--Sterling Silver:)
I found out that you can use VINEGAR AND WATER to clean your sterling silver and your fake jewelry without hurting it!! I started out with putting vinegar half-full in a small cup, and then I added the rest with water. I got me a soft toothbrush and a towel to lay the jewelry out on afterwards. I put my fake jewelry in first (pretty much anything that I find cute in stores or on Ebay, don't judge me there is some cute jewelry on there even if they are fake!!) I let them sit in the vinegar water for about 15 minutes and then took all the pieces out and laid them on the towel. I then started scrubbing them down with the toothbrush (getting all the nooks and crannies, even the backs). When I was done, there was no more green stuff and the jewelry was shiny and basically brand new. I then had the idea to try this out on my sterling silver engagement ring (no, my fiance is not a cheapskate because 1.) I had a really nice and expensive ring and I sat it down to wash my hands and it got stolen so we just replaced with a sterling silver with a gemstone blue heart....cuz its the wedding ring (its real) that matters the most and 2.) Y'all need to wake up to reality and understand that no ring should be more important than the relationship!!!!). I put my engagement ring in the vinegar water and left it for about 15 minutes and then repeated the above steps. My engagement ring is now sparkly, much brighter, and looks a lot better :) <3 

My engagement ring after the soaking!
P.S.--The pics don't do my ring justice however, you get the point! Use vinegar and water to clean your jewelry (fake or sterling silver) :)

**Feel free to leave a comment about this article or to share it with your friends:)

Friday, August 5, 2016

Changes to the Blog!

As I am sure that some of you have noticed, I have made a lot of changes to my blog! I changed the name from Daisy's Awesome Blog to Rainy Day Blog, since I mostly blog on rainy days and have noticed that traffic to my blog increases on rainy days:) I have added new pages to my blog, so that it is not just one stand-alone page and increases y'alls chances of interacting with my blog! Some of the layout on my blog has been changed to be easier to maneuver and my bio is now in the bottom of my blog (because I love to blog and couldn't care less about the attention that y'all pay to my Google + profile). I'm debating on whether or not to add my photography page on this blog or to start a new blog called "A Country Girl's Photography" if y'all don't care to comment and let me know what you think I should do then I would appreciate it:) I love photography and people who have seen my photography are urging me to share my photography that's what I plan to do!

Also, feel free to email me at any time--for anything that you would like to mention about my blog, your opinions on my blog, or if you just want to talk--- at or I have lots of social media accounts so feel free to get up with me on those as well:))
Facebook-- Daisy Hunnell
Twitter-- daisy nicole hunnell
Instagram-- hunnelldaisy
Google+-- link on here, just click view profile!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Behind Closed Doors By- B.A. Paris

Hey guys! As y'all should already know, I review things for a company called SheSpeaks ( 
They sent me a book to review named "Behind Closed Doors" by B.A. Paris and it is a story that has me going through different stages of emotions about what this woman has to go through. This book is a psychological thriller in which a woman marries this man who seems to be the perfect man for her and everyone says that they are the "perfect"couple. Her husband is a lawyer and she is a stay at home woman who gardens, paints, and cooks decadent dinners for their friends. But not all is how it seems and things go from a nice tale to one that is cruel, dark, and unimaginable. Things are much darker then they first appear and they just keep getting darker. This book is one of the best that I have read and I literally could not put it down (I would put it down for 5 seconds and pick it up again!!). I would literally go into my bedroom (behind a closed door, lol) and read it non-stop! This book had me angry at times (due to the treatment of this woman), it had me sad at times (for her Down's Syndrome sister and how she was treated and for many other parts), and it had me rooting for this woman to somehow find a way out of her circumstances (and to get revenge, of course!). I highly recommend that you guys go and get this book even if it isn't exactly your genre, because it might surprise you at how easily you will become addicted to turning the pages and reading more. This book was quite terrifying but it was such a great read and the ending is even better!!! 
You can pre-order this book at (the book will be available for purchase on August 9th). To see a pic on my instagram of me reading the book (taken by my handsome fiance!) then just click this link (feel free to follow me while you are there!!) ------->
#BehindClosedDoors #Ad
^^ Also notice that for this story, the text is in red on my blog (just like it is on the book!!!) XD