Thursday, August 11, 2016


Hey guys! I wanted to talk about something that is really close to my heart <3 I know that there are times in your life when you are struggling with something (work stress, school stress, a break-up with who you thought was the love of your life, bullying, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on and on!) We are all human and unfortunately sometimes we have circumstances in which we are facing these problems all alone, we don't know who to turn to for a good talk due to being judged, or we don't feel like talking about it with someone that we could see every day. 
I am an active listener on a site called 7 Cups of Tea! I listen to your problems (I have been trained how to do so) and I encourage you to tell me more about how you feel. I will discuss some of your problems with you and help you to feel better. I don't judge you, I don't put you down, and I don't abandon you! If you need someone to talk to then please do not hesitate to use this link <----It's my personal referral link! You click it and I guarantee that we can sort all of this out and that you can feel at least a little bit better at the end of the chat:) Even better, the site is free to use and you can come back day after day to talk to us listeners:) We are virtual listeners so you never know who you are actually talking to, but you can be confident in the fact that they have taken listening tests and passed them:) If you set an account through them (also free!) then you can start this thing called your Progress Path and learn more about yourself (your feelings, your thoughts, your inner-most problems), you can feel more positive about things in your life (what you are thankful for, what makes you happy, etc.), and you can kill time while interacting on a really nice and friendly site:) A lot of people do not know about this site, which is sad! This site is so awesome and it has helped me through some of the  toughest times in my life! We need to get the word out there about this site! 
This site also offers therapy (not free) at cheaper prices than most therapists charge! The therapist will help you to discover your deep down issues and to fix them, one by one! :) I strongly urge everyone to check out this site, because honestly who doesn't get a little down every now and again? Who doesn't get upset with life in general? 
 **Another thing that I just signed up for on the site is an internship through the site! You become a listener when you sign up for this and then work to help people (for no money) with problems that they are facing. It makes me feel better knowing that I am making a change in someones life (possibly changing their life) and it will look good on my college transcript:) 


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