Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Behind Closed Doors By- B.A. Paris

Hey guys! As y'all should already know, I review things for a company called SheSpeaks ( 
They sent me a book to review named "Behind Closed Doors" by B.A. Paris and it is a story that has me going through different stages of emotions about what this woman has to go through. This book is a psychological thriller in which a woman marries this man who seems to be the perfect man for her and everyone says that they are the "perfect"couple. Her husband is a lawyer and she is a stay at home woman who gardens, paints, and cooks decadent dinners for their friends. But not all is how it seems and things go from a nice tale to one that is cruel, dark, and unimaginable. Things are much darker then they first appear and they just keep getting darker. This book is one of the best that I have read and I literally could not put it down (I would put it down for 5 seconds and pick it up again!!). I would literally go into my bedroom (behind a closed door, lol) and read it non-stop! This book had me angry at times (due to the treatment of this woman), it had me sad at times (for her Down's Syndrome sister and how she was treated and for many other parts), and it had me rooting for this woman to somehow find a way out of her circumstances (and to get revenge, of course!). I highly recommend that you guys go and get this book even if it isn't exactly your genre, because it might surprise you at how easily you will become addicted to turning the pages and reading more. This book was quite terrifying but it was such a great read and the ending is even better!!! 
You can pre-order this book at (the book will be available for purchase on August 9th). To see a pic on my instagram of me reading the book (taken by my handsome fiance!) then just click this link (feel free to follow me while you are there!!) ------->
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^^ Also notice that for this story, the text is in red on my blog (just like it is on the book!!!) XD  

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