Saturday, August 6, 2016

Clean the Green Stuff from your cheaper jewerly

Hey guys! Hope your day has been great, as mine was mostly full of freelancing at home and getting an ice-cream with mother lol:) I wanted to talk about (and mostly to give y'all a little tip!) on how to keep your cheaper jewelry looking nice! As a college student and someone who freelances plus works at home, I don't have the money to spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry (and I know that some of y'all are in the same boat). So I was experimenting with cleaning my jewelry in a safe, non-chemical, at-home way and guess what?!?

My engagement ring--Sterling Silver:)
I found out that you can use VINEGAR AND WATER to clean your sterling silver and your fake jewelry without hurting it!! I started out with putting vinegar half-full in a small cup, and then I added the rest with water. I got me a soft toothbrush and a towel to lay the jewelry out on afterwards. I put my fake jewelry in first (pretty much anything that I find cute in stores or on Ebay, don't judge me there is some cute jewelry on there even if they are fake!!) I let them sit in the vinegar water for about 15 minutes and then took all the pieces out and laid them on the towel. I then started scrubbing them down with the toothbrush (getting all the nooks and crannies, even the backs). When I was done, there was no more green stuff and the jewelry was shiny and basically brand new. I then had the idea to try this out on my sterling silver engagement ring (no, my fiance is not a cheapskate because 1.) I had a really nice and expensive ring and I sat it down to wash my hands and it got stolen so we just replaced with a sterling silver with a gemstone blue heart....cuz its the wedding ring (its real) that matters the most and 2.) Y'all need to wake up to reality and understand that no ring should be more important than the relationship!!!!). I put my engagement ring in the vinegar water and left it for about 15 minutes and then repeated the above steps. My engagement ring is now sparkly, much brighter, and looks a lot better :) <3 

My engagement ring after the soaking!
P.S.--The pics don't do my ring justice however, you get the point! Use vinegar and water to clean your jewelry (fake or sterling silver) :)

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