Tuesday, August 9, 2016

SheSpeaks and Influenster!

I want to tell y'all about these two awesome sites where you try out products for free and then write them your review. I know that there are tons of scammy sites out there like that but these two are not one of them! I have actually received items for my review, reviewed them, and I felt like part of the community!

SheSpeaks--www.shespeaks.com---this one is just for the ladies and it is pretty awesome!! I received Tampax Pocket Pearl Tampons to review (and still have some to use in my bathroom drawer! How awesome!!) and I also received a book that hadn't been released (at the time of the review). The book was Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris and my review on it is under this blog post:) Its a simple sign up process and they even have parties and giveaways on here:) This site is definitely worth your time and email so give it a try!! :) <3 At the moment, I entered a giveaway to win Katy Perry's Makeup Collection, so I am excited and hope that I win it!!! :)

Influenster- www.influenster.com is another great site that is real and not scammy! This site can be used by men and women and you can even download the Influenster App off of the Google Play Store:) I have had one thing to review through them and that would be the Zzzquil. I have one box currently on its way here (Dry Shampoo to try out!) and I might be in for another one but I'm not sure yet. The more social media that you have, the more your social impact (which means the more likely you are to get a product to review). If y'all can see the logo to the right of my blog that means that I am Influenster certified and shows how much I appreciate the site:) You can do a thing called Snaps on here which is answering questions about products you have used and then writing reviews on those same products. You also earn Badges for different types of things that you do and Snaps that you answer...Ex. I have a Pet Badge because I have pets:) Y'all should really consider trying it out because who doesn't like free stuff?!?!

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