Sunday, September 11, 2016

Amazon Jewelry Review!! :)

Got this beauty off Amazon!! :)
Hey guys!! I just wanted to do a quick little review of a piece of jewelry that my fiance got me off Amazon!! I know that if you are like me then you are afraid of buying jewelry off Amazon and Ebay, but I just had to have this and so he bought if for me!! :) It came from a company on Amazon called Jemry and Jewelry and it came in a cute little gift bag with the logo on it! He ordered this cute little gold toned necklace with flowers on it and it costed $12.99. So I am going to upload the pics of my really cute necklace down below. :) Enjoy!! Also, If you want to purchase your own necklace then the link is here!!! **click the word "here" to go to the link!!!**
This is the bag it came in!!!
This is it straight out of the bag!!
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