Sunday, September 25, 2016

The truth about Social Anxiety!

These days everyone that I talk to has "social anxiety" but yet these same people are usually just nervous. Social anxiety is when you can't stand going out anywhere as you know that people will be there and will probably stare at you or try to talk to you, so you stay in your room. Social anxiety is when you are in class and the teacher talks about a presentation that you have to give in class tommorow and you purposely skip because you are so afraid of others judging you or you do it and you can feel yourself sweating and stuttering the whole time. I have had social anxiety for about four years--it started right after my father passed away--and I can't live a normal life like I want to. When I talk to people about my social anxiety, their responses usually range between: "just get over it", "you'll be okay", "you're just nervous", "everyone gets nervous sometimes", "why's it matter that they might judge you or stare at you", and so on. It's insane that people don't understand that with social anxiety you are literally scared of people--same as any fear like clowns, spiders, etc. It is not an easy thing to live with and several times I have missed school because I feel like I am going to be judged or stared at, I have to send my fiance in stores because I get so anxious in a store that I breathe fast and sweat like crazy and feel like I am dizzy, I skip presentations that I have to do, I can't make lots of friends as I don't like talking to people, I have to ask my fiance repeatably if I look okay so that I don't feel judged, etc. Everyone deals with their social anxiety in different ways, but for me the best way to deal with it is to go somewhere s with my fiance and when I get anxious I focus and talk to only him. If you have social anxiety and are tired of people not understanding it, feel free to comment and share this!! :)

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