Thursday, October 20, 2016

For all the women out there, listen to this period advice!! :)

Hey guys!! So this post is going to be all about period supplies, that dreaded time of the month can get easier!! I have found my period to be easier to deal with by:
1.) Taking Midol--Midol is a life-saver as I have awful cramps in my abdomen and back and can not function without this stuff during that awful time of the month.
2.) Using U by Kotex products--I have used this brand for a pretty long time and they have not failed me once! I have pretty heavy periods and these things do not leak!!! I use the tampons and liners during the day and a overnight pad and tampon at night. Also, you can try out samples of their products (as many as you want to sign up for on the U by Kotex site (
3.) Knowing when your period will be here--This is really important for both avoiding embarrassing accidents and for making sure that you are stocked up and can avoid the wrath of not stocking up early. I use the period tracker on U by Kotex as it is free to sign up for and it is extremely accurate (called the Period Calculator on the U by Kotex site)!!
4.) Stacking up on some sweets, pajamas, and Netflix-- Finally, to avoid killing anyone while on your period, I suggest that you buy you some sweet candies, put on some comfy pajamas, and watch all you want on Netflix ( I suggest Vampire Diaries, Scrubs, The Originals, The Walking Dead, any romances, and comedies).

We all know that periods suck, but hopefully these tips can make it a little bit better!! :) Also, enjoy this picture that I found on Google and how accurately it describes periods!! :D


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