Wednesday, October 19, 2016

McDonald's App on Google Play!

Hey guys! If you have an android tablet or phone, go on the Google Play Store and download the McDonald's app. This app has saved me lots of money as it offers you coupons to use in your McDonald's and lets you save money off your order.
I have personally used this app a lot as it saves me money on burgers, fries, drinks and all! Just today my fiance and I used it and he saved money by getting a free drink and then I redeemed one where we got buy one quarter pounder, get 1 free! So in all we got a free drink and a free quarter pounder in one trip! I love this app already and have had it for about 3 weeks now. Also, it has this cool feature that anytime you buy a Mcafe beverage (iced coffee, coffee, frappe, etc.) and once you buy 5 you get one free! To redeem any coupons off the app (including to use the Mccafe drink thing, you have to take your phone in with the app pulled up and redeem your coupon).

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