Sunday, October 9, 2016

Working at home and my recent makeup haul!!

          Hey guys! Hope all is going well with y'all! I just worked about a month and a week for a work at home company called Appen and I got my first paycheck a few days ago. I have to tell y'all that this company is awesome to work for and my paycheck was pretty nice! I can't really give you too many details on it though as I am under a confidental contract, but y'all should definatly check out Appen for job opportunities as they are 1.)legit as they paid me for my work 2.) a great company to work for with great pay.
         Another thing that I want to tell y'all about is my recent makeup haul that I made with my first paycheck!! It was a pretty awesome haul and I found some cheap products that are great!! Here's a list of some of the makeup I found, and ones that y'all should check out!!
  • Elf Daily Hydration Moisturizer
    This moisturizer is awesome and it is lightweight and has purified water in it, has Jojoba in it, and has Vitamin E and cucumber in it as well. But that's not all! It also is rich in antioxidants with shea butter, grape, and orange. This is lightly scented and smells like Aloe to me and it worked really well for my extremely dry skin that was flaking with the way the weather has been! I highly recommend that you check this out as it is cheap and works really well!
  • Jordana Lipstick in Coral Flame--
    This lipstick is awesome and I got it from Walmart for a really cheap price! In the picture on the left, I am wearing this color on my lips (probably can't see that well as for the sucky lighting) but I also put it on my wrist so that you can see what it looks like. It is a really pretty pink color and the lipstick itself smells really good (like strawberries!!). This is one of my favorite lipsticks ever and I highly recommend it as it is long lasting and the color is very pretty!
  • Elf Lip Exfoliator-- 
With cold weather approaching us too fast, it is important to try to keep chapped lips and dead skin to a minimum! I found this awesome product by Elf and it looks like a tube of lipstick but it is grainy and helps to remove dead skin and smooth your lips! I have used this twice so far with great results!! My lips kept having dead skin, and we all know how bad that makes lipstick look, and this fixed my problem! I highly recommend this for your chapped and dead-skin lips!

  • Elf Flawless Eyeshadow-I have this in Party Purple (for dressing up, going out, etc.) and in beautiful browns (I love all natural looks). It even tells you how to put it on to look good, if you don't like to experiment like me (it has a section for base, lid, crease, and line). I will put pictures of both party purple and beautiful browns down below, and I can tell you that they are beautiful palettes. I love both of the palettes that I own as they are creamy, long-lasting color, and go beautifully together. I highly recommend these for anyone on a budget who wants to look good!

    • Elf All Over Colorstick--I have this in Pink Lemonade and I adore the sweet pink color that it gives my cheeks! It looks really natural and girly, but that's not all you can use it for! You can use this for eye-shadow and for lip color as well! I also love the scent, which is citrus.

    • Jordana LOL Lipgloss-- This lip-gloss I got at Magic Mart and it is awesome! I got a light and natural color but they have all kinds!! The one I got is 110 and it is a shiny, light pink color that looks great on my light complexion. It isn't sticky, it has a pretty color, it is long lasting for a lip-gloss, and it smells sweet and like bubblegum.

    • Elf Eyelash Curler-- I had a really nice eyelash curler that I lost and so I found this one that costed me $3 and it works really great! Its not the prettiest thing to look at, but it does the job and saves me money! It comes in a clear, see-through box and has one replacement rubber to put in the curler part.

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