Thursday, November 3, 2016

The pain and suffering of being a college student!

Recently I was talking to an older adult about how hard college is and that same adult laughed and said that "college isn't hard". I was taken aback and could not believe that this person who never attended college, let alone graduated high school, is going to sit here and tell me that "college is not hard" and that "poor grades are your own fault". I know a lot of adults out there think that poor grades are your fault, but really that is not the case! College is a lot of hard work, a lot of time losing sleep, a lot of studying and worrying if you know enough, a lot of getting up with professors because you are scared of your GPA or your major or something of that nature, and a lot of stress on top of stress. I would know this first hand as I currently attend a 2 year community college and I graduated from high school with decent grades, yet college is something that no schooling could prepare me for. My first example of how unfair and how awful college is, is my Biology class.... I spent weeks studying the notes, reading the book chapters, and reviewing up to the minute that I took the test and then the test literally had nothing to do with what the notes nor the book was about and I failed. I took this failure so hard that I literally was afraid for my future, my mind kept telling me "if you can't pass biology then you are an idiot". I eventually got up with other classmates and found out that they are struggling as well with the class. Another example of mine, would be when I was literally sick for 4 weeks straight and waiting as patiently as possible for my doctor to get openings as everyone was basically sick so I took Dayquil and Nyquil like a old woman drinks tea. My doctor finally had an opening and got me on some antibiotics and such and gave me an excuse for college. I had only one professor on campus (the rest online) so I gave him the excuse and he kept it for future reference. I got home and decided that I needed to send emails, check my homework, etc. only to find out that I was 5 days late on an assignment. I typed up that assignment with perfect grammar, followed the guidelines, etc and I turned it in. I also informed my professor of why it was late, as I had been knocked out for 4 weeks waiting to see my doctor. The professor does not get on to check email everyday and is weeks behind on grading, but of course she gets no punishment for this. I was extremely sick and she decides to give me a 40 with a snide remark about how I should of contacted her sooner. Well, if it was possible, I would of contacted you sooner but it was not! Either way I am stressing over this semester, but am thankfully working my butt off and catching up. All my other professors were really nice about it and understood that a flu bug had been going around and were really courteous with helping me catch up. I have improved my grades some, however I am still worried!!! :( I didn't give you these examples to whine but instead to give you some idea of how inconsiderate professors are! Honestly, the one professor was so behind on grading work that I still have stuff from 2 months ago not graded but I turn in an assignment 5 days late due to extended illness and all hell breaks loose. 
So, my message in all of this is to consider what us college students go through in daily life, what our personal lives are like on top of work (I am a freelancer as well) and on top of family life. It is hard to keep good grades when you have to work to keep food in your stomach, gas in the car, and bills paid. It is hard to keep good grades when you are responsible for an aging parent (or at least helping them and running errands and such). 

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