Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sign Up for Smiley 360 and Get Free Stuff!! :)

Hey guys! So as you should know by now, I review stuff that companies send me and I get to keep the stuff (how awesome right?!?) Well I just got some samples from a company called Smiley360 and they were full sized vitamin samples for me to try out and then to share about on social media. I payed nothing in exchange to get these samples and the vitamins are called Ester-C Immune Charge Gummies and Ester-C Immune Charge Quick Dissolve Tablets. I take one a day to help support my immune system and the gummies are my favorite as they are chewy and taste delicious!! :) <3 I am one of the people that gets sick a lot as I was born pre-mature weighing only one pound and like ten ounces and I have ashtma and allergies (so I get sick a lot!!!). I even shared my gummies with my mother, who is 60 years old, and she loves them as well (she is very picky with taking medicines). I highly recommend these vitamins and I also highly recommend that you check out Smiley360 and sign up through them. (it is free to sign up and is well worth it--- at the very bottom of the page is the link to sign up and to get $3 off the vitamins).  
Here is what the page will look like when you pull it up---->

Also, here is an Instagram post that I made about my vitamins (pictures of the products as well).   ----> SIGN UP LINK AND COUPONS FOR ESTER-C