Saturday, February 18, 2017

Free and Safe Software that you need!!!

Hey guys! So I know what it is like to have very little money to your name and you can't afford the software that you need (for school or whatever reason). Here is a list of free (and safe) software that you can download, all you have to do is follow the attached links and download the software:

**Gimp-- Like Adobe Photoshop but free! Gimp

**Irfanview-- Allows you to view graphics, change image sizing, play around with pictures, etc.(click the big green download button). Irfanview

**Kompozer-- Allows you to edit websites and such. Kompozer

**OpenOffice-- Like Microsoft Office, but it is free. OpenOffice

**360 Total Security--Free software that protects against viruses and optimizes your devices by getting rid of junk files, cookies, etc. (A MUST HAVE!!!) 360 Security

**AVG Antivirus-- Great for malware, keeps websites from tracking you, and does regular scans to make sure you are safe.When you go on the website, you can download the free version or buy the better version. AVG Antivirus

I hope that I was able to help some of you out and that you realize that free software doesn't always mean "bad" or "virus ridden". The most important thing to remember before downloading any software or even using the internet however is that you have some sort of virus protection--whether one of the free ones that I have listed or a paid one like McAfee (I use this one and I love the prices for it). 

If you would like me to post a tutorial on Youtube about how to get to these sites and download the software, then please leave me a comment saying so! 

Hope your day is awesome!

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