Friday, April 21, 2017

Tell The Wind And Fire-- Sarah Rees Brennan

I loved this book even though it broke my heart in the end. It is a book about a city divided in two (The Light and The Dark). The Light is full of luxury items, is bright, is colorful, and the people can always feel safe. The Dark is completely different because not only is it blacked out, but it is full of people struggling to survive and is dangerous due to the Light Guards. The story is about a girl named Lucy Manette who was born in the Dark City, but through manipulation, she ends up winning a home in the Light City, celebrity status, and a rich plus loving boyfriend. Her boyfriend is not perfect as she might have believed when she finds out that he has a Dark copy of himself who lives in the Dark City. Having copies of oneself is dangerous and illegal, and his parents who control the Light City hid the fact from the public and basically expelled the Dark copy to the Dark City. This story will leave you so attached that you will not be able to put it down and it will break your heart in the end. The author herself says that her inspiration for this story was Charles Dicken's famous novel A Tale of Two Cities. I strongly urge you to read this incredible book and to love every minute of it.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

American Butcher Brand Dog Treats---Review

Hey guys!!
This is my review on American Butcher Brand Dog Treats.
 The website to get these treats is  and they make treats for both dogs and cats. They are 100% real American made treats (that's right!! Something that is American made) and all the ingredients are USA sourced. The treats are gluten free, corn free, soy free, wheat free, artificial preservative free, BHA/BHT free, sugar-free, and artificial color (dye) free (so none of the bad stuff and all the good stuff). I got the sample platter from them (originally $14.99 and well worth it) and I got it for free (you can too by using PROMOCODE-- FreeSample at checkout), by free I mean you don't pay the $14.99, but you do pay shipping (and trust me when I say it is well worth it).
Here is a picture of the sample platter off the website:
 My dogs (a 7-year-old Cairn Terrier, a Collie Mix, a Miniature Yorkshire Terrier, and a Lab-Retriever mix) all enjoyed these treats (still have lots of them left) and were entertained by the treats for a little while (less time to chew up stuff and make messes). I recommend these treats to any pet owner as they are 100% worth the price. The treats arrived on time in my mail box and were packaged nicely (in a white plain envelope which upon opening revealed 5 vacuumed sealed, zip lock type bags full of treats and a coupon plus a hand signed note from the owners).

 This is the hand signed letter that arrived with the treats.

This is my coupon to use for 10% off:) I marked out my coupon code.

This is a real country type store which makes it awesome as you can feel a real love for animals from the owners and can contact them if need be. I plan to use my coupon soon to buy my dogs a bigger sized bag! I am happy that I ran across this store and wanted to share it with all my pet lovers out there! :)
I hope that you will consider buying these 100% all natural treats that your pets will love!
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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Wish App Review--- Flower Necklace

Hey guys!!!
I got this necklace off of Wish app a long time ago and forgot to write a review on here. I loved this necklace and it is a great statement piece. You can wear it for business, casual, for a date, etc. I have gotten tons of compliments on this necklace as well. I got this necklace for $6 and I was happy with the quality of this necklace. I have worn it several times, with different outfits, and have not been let down. It hasn't fallen apart, it doesn't smell, it hasn't turn my skin green, and I have no complaints about this necklace. 
Here's some pictures of the necklace:

In this picture, I paired the necklace with a grey sweater, some jeans, and some boots for a cute and simple outfit!
 This is a picture of the necklace laying on my bed. The colors in the necklace are white, pink, and light blue so it is perfect for Spring/Summer.
I was feeling a little lazy this day and didn't do makeup, just tossed my hair up, and threw on a yellow tank top. I threw this necklace on over the tank top and went about my day running errands, drinking a caramel frappe, and hanging out with my fiance. 

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Wish App--- Review of Bridal Sash that I bought!!

Hey guys!!

I am planning out a wedding for my fiance and I (its about time as we have been together for almost 4 years and have known each other since we were children growing up in the same neighborhood and attending the same schools). I am on a strict budget as we both work (he works at a Food Lion and I work at home as a freelancer, however not the greatest money), we are both going back to college (I stopped going until I could decide on a major, but am going back soon and his financial aid got taken as he had to work and missed a lot of school and his grades suffered), and we are both young. The great news is that I am really rocking this wedding planning thing with my mothers help and some close friends.
My mother got me this vintage wedding dress for a great deal and it needed some fixing up and dry cleaned. I am more of a sparkles kind of gal so I added a really cute and sparkly wedding sash belt that I got off Wish for $14 ($10 for the wedding sash and $4 shipping) and I am telling you that this was a STEAL!!! It absolutely blew my mind when I got to open the package and see how well done, how sparkly, and how well put together this sash was! I could definitely compare it to a bridals shop as the quality is awesome.
I immediately uploaded photos of the sash to Instagram (I love Instagram--- feel free to add me @hunnelldaisy). I am now going to share some of those photos with y'all.

This first picture is obviously me in the vintage wedding dress and if you look towards the center of the dress, you see a sparkly wedding sash. That is the wedding sash that I got for a mere $14 and it really adds some definition and glam to my wedding dress! :) <3 nbsp="" p="">

This picture is more or less to show you how the sash is a little heavy (the sagging in the middle). You can also see that it sparkles nicely!

This picture shows the nice quality of the Ivory ribbon and still how big the stones are on the whole sash (it takes up a pretty big portion of the sash). I keep mine stored in a shoe box until my special day.

This picture shows how even the ends of the sash are decorated with small stones as a final detail to the sash.

An up close picture of the middle of the sash (notice the pearls, the big stones, and the sparkle). This picture shows the sparkle quality and the detail that went into this sash.

Here is the link if you want to buy a wedding sash from Wish--

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Beautiful Long Chiffon Cardigan from Wish App REVIEW!!!

Hey guys!
 I know it has been a while since I have last written a blog post. I have been busy with a lot of things and have not had the time. So I ordered a really cute, flowy, and summery cardigan from the Wish app and was surprised by the quality of it! I have read review after review of people saying that the clothes that they received from Wish were either cheap junk, didn't fit, was not delivered, or did not match the picture. I had a great experience with Wish (not my first great experience however and more reviews are yet to come). I ordered this really cute cardigan that caught my eye off of Wish for $10 ($7 for the cardigan and $3 shipping) and it arrived at my door on April 5th (three days ago). I have already worn it and I took tons of pictures! 
 My opinion of the cardigan is that it is great quality for the price, it is light and perfect for summer, and is really cute with the floral design. Below, is the pictures that I took of the cardigan and posted on my Instagram account (you can find me @hunnelldaisy so feel free to add me). 

Here is the link to the cardigan on Wish---

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