Friday, April 21, 2017

Tell The Wind And Fire-- Sarah Rees Brennan

I loved this book even though it broke my heart in the end. It is a book about a city divided in two (The Light and The Dark). The Light is full of luxury items, is bright, is colorful, and the people can always feel safe. The Dark is completely different because not only is it blacked out, but it is full of people struggling to survive and is dangerous due to the Light Guards. The story is about a girl named Lucy Manette who was born in the Dark City, but through manipulation, she ends up winning a home in the Light City, celebrity status, and a rich plus loving boyfriend. Her boyfriend is not perfect as she might have believed when she finds out that he has a Dark copy of himself who lives in the Dark City. Having copies of oneself is dangerous and illegal, and his parents who control the Light City hid the fact from the public and basically expelled the Dark copy to the Dark City. This story will leave you so attached that you will not be able to put it down and it will break your heart in the end. The author herself says that her inspiration for this story was Charles Dicken's famous novel A Tale of Two Cities. I strongly urge you to read this incredible book and to love every minute of it.

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