Saturday, April 8, 2017

Wish App Review--- Flower Necklace

Hey guys!!!
I got this necklace off of Wish app a long time ago and forgot to write a review on here. I loved this necklace and it is a great statement piece. You can wear it for business, casual, for a date, etc. I have gotten tons of compliments on this necklace as well. I got this necklace for $6 and I was happy with the quality of this necklace. I have worn it several times, with different outfits, and have not been let down. It hasn't fallen apart, it doesn't smell, it hasn't turn my skin green, and I have no complaints about this necklace. 
Here's some pictures of the necklace:

In this picture, I paired the necklace with a grey sweater, some jeans, and some boots for a cute and simple outfit!
 This is a picture of the necklace laying on my bed. The colors in the necklace are white, pink, and light blue so it is perfect for Spring/Summer.
I was feeling a little lazy this day and didn't do makeup, just tossed my hair up, and threw on a yellow tank top. I threw this necklace on over the tank top and went about my day running errands, drinking a caramel frappe, and hanging out with my fiance. 

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