Saturday, April 8, 2017

Wish App--- Review of Bridal Sash that I bought!!

Hey guys!!

I am planning out a wedding for my fiance and I (its about time as we have been together for almost 4 years and have known each other since we were children growing up in the same neighborhood and attending the same schools). I am on a strict budget as we both work (he works at a Food Lion and I work at home as a freelancer, however not the greatest money), we are both going back to college (I stopped going until I could decide on a major, but am going back soon and his financial aid got taken as he had to work and missed a lot of school and his grades suffered), and we are both young. The great news is that I am really rocking this wedding planning thing with my mothers help and some close friends.
My mother got me this vintage wedding dress for a great deal and it needed some fixing up and dry cleaned. I am more of a sparkles kind of gal so I added a really cute and sparkly wedding sash belt that I got off Wish for $14 ($10 for the wedding sash and $4 shipping) and I am telling you that this was a STEAL!!! It absolutely blew my mind when I got to open the package and see how well done, how sparkly, and how well put together this sash was! I could definitely compare it to a bridals shop as the quality is awesome.
I immediately uploaded photos of the sash to Instagram (I love Instagram--- feel free to add me @hunnelldaisy). I am now going to share some of those photos with y'all.

This first picture is obviously me in the vintage wedding dress and if you look towards the center of the dress, you see a sparkly wedding sash. That is the wedding sash that I got for a mere $14 and it really adds some definition and glam to my wedding dress! :) <3 nbsp="" p="">

This picture is more or less to show you how the sash is a little heavy (the sagging in the middle). You can also see that it sparkles nicely!

This picture shows the nice quality of the Ivory ribbon and still how big the stones are on the whole sash (it takes up a pretty big portion of the sash). I keep mine stored in a shoe box until my special day.

This picture shows how even the ends of the sash are decorated with small stones as a final detail to the sash.

An up close picture of the middle of the sash (notice the pearls, the big stones, and the sparkle). This picture shows the sparkle quality and the detail that went into this sash.

Here is the link if you want to buy a wedding sash from Wish--

Feel free to leave comments about what you think about this wedding sash, your thoughts on Wish, or just to say hi:)
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