Monday, May 29, 2017

You Can Eat Watermelon Seeds?!?

Hey guys! 

          If you grew up in the South, perhaps you have been told that you can not eat watermelon seeds as you will "sprout a watermelon in your belly". Well as you have probably found out already, that is not true and is just an old tale!

In fact, did you know that eating watermelon seeds may actually be good for you?

  • They are rich in micro-nutrients like potassium, copper, and zinc. They have Vitamin B, protein, and healthy fats in them as well.
  • They can be eaten straight from the fruit, sun-dried, or salted. You should not bake them as you will kill most of the good benefits from them.
  • They are good for your heart, boost your immunity, and keep blood sugar levels in check.
  • You can use them as an inexpensive and healthy snack next time you are craving a snack and save yourself some calories and regrets.
Therefore, quit spitting out the seeds and enjoy them!
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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sign up for #Influenster and get free products to review!

Hey everyone!!!

Do you love to try out new products like cosmetics, hair products, snacks, and et cetera?
Then sign up for Influenster, I have been reviewing products through them for a long time and am always amazed by what I receive.

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By the way, I made this message short and sweet because we all appreciate our valuable time. :)

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#599Fashion Review

Hey guys! 
So recently I received a package from to review for free. They sent me 2 pairs of nice high heels, a cute pink floral lace bra, a maxi black dress w/ detachable scarf, and a cold shoulder top in tan.
I seriously loved all of the products that I received from them and the prices are the best!!! The clothes are fashionable, good quality, and best of all cheaply priced!
Here's some pictures:

These Wonderful Shoes <3 :="" br="" pair="">

Black Maxi Dress and Silver Heels :) Dress= $8.99

Maxi Black Dress with Removable Scarf:) $8.99

Cold Shoulder Top:) $8.99
More Pictures of the Cold Shoulder Top:) $8.99
Floral Lace PushUp Bra:) $4.99
So, you can see all of the above pictures and what the clothes looked like on me. The bra, however, is a lighter pink than shown (the lighting made it look neon). I liked all of the clothing that they sent me and hope to review more clothes for them in the future.
If you liked this post, please feel free to share it with your friends and families. Feel free to leave me a comment. Please go and check out

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

It's Always The Husband----BOOK REVIEW!!!

A suspenseful story that is gripping and addictive to read. It goes into the lives of the characters and lets you know them personally. It also shows how life is easier and how you can get anything covered up with lies if you have money, but how lies can come back to haunt you..It takes place on a college campus and has three unlikely characters become friends. You have Kate-- a rich, spoiled brat who is wild and cares about no one (the college is owned by her family), she likes to mess with people, tells lies, and gets what is coming to her in the end. Aubrey-- a poor girl who lives off financial aid to afford college and whose life is changed for the worse by Kate (drugs, alcohol, and suicide tendencies are introduced to her by Kate). Aubrey has a tough home life (mother who works a part-time job and can't a suicide tendencies are introduced to her by Kate). Aubrey has a tough home life (mother who works a part-time job and can't afford much and relies very heavily on her daughter). Jenny-- a strikler for the rules, from the same town as the college, parent's own a furniture store, and who lives a pretty decent life. This story keeps you guessing as to which direction it is going to go and what will happen next. It is well worth the read and I was a little surprised at the end (even though I was guessing that something would happen to the brat--Kate, but it was ironic that she died on the same bridge as the poor guy that she practically murdered because he wanted to break up with her).

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mothers Day Gift--Review

If you are like me then you like to spoil your mother on Mother's Day. I always get her something and it usually involves a cute gift bag, a cute card with glitter on it and of course some awesome gifts.
I found this really awesome gift that she can hang on her wall or put on any desk/surface and that she will love as it has roses on it (her favorite flower).
The item is an 8*10 print in a real dark wood Mahogany frame and is made by Americanflat. You can buy it from Amazon (and if you are like me and are a Prime member, then it will get here in time for Mothers Day). This is not the only gift that I have got my Mother, she has 3 more waiting for her to open.
Here is the link to buy the framed print------>

Thursday, May 4, 2017

GoodGirl Vibration Bark Control Collar--Review

I recently received the GoodGirl Vibration Bark Control Collar and is a safe and effective measure for controlling your dog's annoying barking. Our dog, Lulu, is a very annoying dog that barks at everything and annoys everyone in the house and even the neighbors. She has a very loud bark that you can hear a couple of houses over (if not farther). We tried many different tactics with her and no luck. This collar has been on her for 3 days (with little breaks in between for good behavior) and she has already quit barking at everything. This collar teaches them that if they keep barking they get punished (the vibration) and it also issues warnings that you can hear before vibrating. The dogs learn that they should not bark or the collar will go off. I have posted 3 videos on Youtube (Daisy Hunnell) for you to check out and if you are interested in purchasing this collar then go to ----->

Here is one of the videos on my Youtube:


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How to contact me?

 If you want to contact me for something like product reviews, information about a product that I have reviewed, or just to talk about something. Then please email me at or find me on Facebook (Daisy Hunnell), Twitter (Daisy Hunnell), or Instagram (hunnelldaisy). I would especially love to be emailed if you have a product for me to review!!!

SILYHEART Cubic Zirconia Bracelet--Review

Hey guys!!

I bought a Cubic Zirconia, beautiful and sparkly bracelet to wear for my wedding and decided to tell y'all about this fabulous deal!!! I am so in love with this bracelet that words can not express how happy I am to wear this for my special day. It is White Gold Plated with Cubic Zirconia stones.
Here is where you can buy yours:


Monday, May 1, 2017

Blue Sapphire Cupid's Arrow Heart Caperci Necklace--Review

Hey guys!!!

I ordered a beautiful necklace off Amazon for $35.99 and if you have ever watched The Titanic then this necklace will remind you of the necklace off there (as it did me). The necklace is big, eye-catching, beautiful, and detailed. It is made out of White Gold Plated Brass, a lab created Blue Sapphire, and Swarvoski Crystals. It is a perfect gift for yourself or any woman in your life (mother, sister, fiancee, wife, etc.).

Mothers Day Gift--- Caperci Heart Necklace

Hey guys!!!

Today I want to tell you about this awesome Mothers Day Necklace that I got for my mother off of Amazon. It is sold by Caperci for $22.99 and is perfect for the minimalist (people who do not like to wear a lot of jewelry). It is made out of Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Plated, and has a White AAA Cubic Zirconia Crystal. It comes with a gift box and is ready for you to give it as a gift: just put it in a cute little gift bag, add a Mothers Day card, put some tissue paper on top and you are done. This is one out of three gifts that I am getting my mother for Mother's Day, but it would be a great lone gift too!
If you would like to purchase this necklace than go on Amazon and type in "Caperci Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Plated "MOM" Heart Pendant Necklace, Mothers Day Gift for Mom"