Thursday, May 4, 2017

GoodGirl Vibration Bark Control Collar--Review

I recently received the GoodGirl Vibration Bark Control Collar and is a safe and effective measure for controlling your dog's annoying barking. Our dog, Lulu, is a very annoying dog that barks at everything and annoys everyone in the house and even the neighbors. She has a very loud bark that you can hear a couple of houses over (if not farther). We tried many different tactics with her and no luck. This collar has been on her for 3 days (with little breaks in between for good behavior) and she has already quit barking at everything. This collar teaches them that if they keep barking they get punished (the vibration) and it also issues warnings that you can hear before vibrating. The dogs learn that they should not bark or the collar will go off. I have posted 3 videos on Youtube (Daisy Hunnell) for you to check out and if you are interested in purchasing this collar then go to ----->

Here is one of the videos on my Youtube:


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