Saturday, October 21, 2017

Those awful busy weeks

Hey guys!!! 

I usually try to stay connected with y'all, but I have been so super busy here lately with lots of things.

Some of those things include:

  • Working from home-- it's not as easy as you might think as with home there comes all sorts of distractions like family, pets, and life in general. You have to try to make a schedule and keep up with it and sometimes that includes having to tell loved ones or even pets that you have work to do and can not be distracted. I work several things at home including being a Self Employed Ad Rater, taking surveys in spare time (favorite site is Vindale Research and I have earned a little over $20 through them), and I also sell all-natural health/fitness/beauty products as an Independent ItWorks Distributor. 
  • Going to college-- I am a current college student who due to being very indecisive about her majors has switched my major around 2-3 times. I have finally (hopefully) decided on going for a General Studies Degree with an emphasis in Psychology and then going for a B.S. in Psychology. I am also wanting to pursue a second degree to keep my options open for employment and will be going for a Veterinarian Technician Associates Degree as I love animals and have always like to care for them, helping them to heal, and spoiling them. 
  • Trying to keep in touch with friends-- As we all can be familiar with after high school, we drift away from our friends due to choosing different career paths and different colleges. Some of us stay in touch due to staying in our home town, attending a local college, or just putting in the effort to stay in touch. I have struggled with drifting from my friends and try my hardest to keep us together, but of course it is pointless if they do not put in the same effort. I still have several good friends that I am in touch with and several that I no longer talk too, while also making new ones. 
  • Planning my wedding-- The hardest thing about planning a wedding is two things: 1.) money to pay for the wedding and 2.) trying to keep everyone (guests) satisfied. I am currently having problems with this as we do not have lots of money and several guests are being annoying with trying to put in their own opinions and wants with no regards to my nor my fiance's wants. So I have plainly had to state that we are planning it and that we will have a wedding pleasing to our own wants/needs plus budget. Those that do not want to attend are not forced and should try to open their hearts to the needs/wants of others and consider that this is a day for the bride/groom.

As you can see I have been unpleasantly busy and have really had no time to run  one blog let alone the two I happen to manage. Just because I am busy does not mean that y'all do not deserve an update and hopefully a little laugh with these struggles that we can all hopefully relate to.

On the not so hilarious side is the fact that I have both one wedding to attend and one funeral to attend in the near future. It is always so weird to have to attend both a wedding and a funeral as it shows the beginning of a {hopefully} happy life and the ending of a life. The good thing about this is that it shows us just how short life is and that we should always remember to thank our blessings, fight our struggles, and live our life to the fullest extent {no matter how much stress or how much others disagree with it}. Posted below is a motivational quote that I like about how we should appreciate life:

Until next time, 
--Daisy Hunnell

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