Sunday, December 10, 2017

NURX--Birth Control Review

Hey everyone,
 Daisy here and I want to talk about birth control. 

     This post is more pointed towards females, but if you are a male and have female friends/loved ones/girlfriends/spouses and etc. then feel free to share and share away!

     Birth Control is a controversial subject for some, but not for me. I find it simple! If you are an adult and do not want a child because you can not afford to raise it/care for it or cannot support yourself and a baby then get birth control. If you have heavy periods that cause lots of pain, intense heavy bleeding, and health problems then please GET BIRTH CONTROL!!! Do not let this judgemental society stop you from making decisions about YOUR HEALTH, YOUR FINANCES, and YOUR LIFE! I for one do not want a baby at this age (I am 21 years old) as I still have a lot of work to do on my own life to be more responsible and with better finances before I would ever consider a baby---IT'S CALLED RESPONSIBILITY. Now, of course, we should revisit Anatomy and Sex-Ed.... Birth Control is NOT murdering anything!! It stops a baby from ever being formed so you murder NOTHING!! Why? Because Sperm has no feelings and neither do your Ovaries nor your Eggs. If they never combine then nothing is formed...plain and simple!

 NURX is a website that you sign up for, talk to a doctor or choose a medicine that you want, and answer health questions (health problems, other medications you take including vitamins and organic supplements for example) plus basic info (age, state of residence, billing info, etc.) and preferences (Pill, Patch, or Ring). They send you a 3 month supply from a pharmacy near you and the prices are not bad either ($15-$30 per 3 months which break down to $5-$10 per month and could be FREE if you have health insurance). You get all the information on the product that you choose and great customer service also.

     This service is very affordable, allows you to be responsible for your body, and gives you the rights to birth control without any hassles and doctor fees. They also have a great FAQ page to answer all of your questions.

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Here is the website to go on:

Here is a link to the FAQ page:  (might not work until you have an account)

They also offer more than birth control like Plan B Emergency Contraceptive and PrEP (to prevent HIV infection). 

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--Daisy Hunnell