Saturday, January 27, 2018

Update--Cirkul water bottle and more products to review coming soon!

Hey guys!

Its been a little while since I have posted due to college and other stuff going on in my life. Down below is all about the Cirkul Water Bottle. I also have new products to post reviews up for so a little run down of those includes:

  • Victoria Secret Angel Card
  • Banquet TV Dinners
  • Logitech USB Headset
  • WatchDogs 2 for Xbox One
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter for Xbox One
  • Sims 4 Pets
  • Bath and Body Works PocketBac hand sanitizers
  • A pet leash off of Wish for walking bigger dogs
  • Bath and Body Works diamond shimmer mist in Cabana Breeze
  • Geopetric dog collars
  • Nature's Bounty St Johns Wort
  • Bloom planners
  • Hershey Gold candy bar ***Hershey has a new candy bar***
  • Chef Boyardee pizza kit
  • My personal quick makeup fix kit
  • Amazon Prime video
  • Salon Selectives argan oil hair treatment
And plenty more.... So keep a heads up for those reviews (coming soon).

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Today I want to talk about a water bottle that means more (especially for people like me who hate water and it also means more for our environment and our wallets).
Cirkul has created a water bottle that has a cartridge that changes the flavor of the water and they have a great variety of flavors. I just ordered my trial for $5 and it comes with a Cirkul water bottle, Cirkul leak-proof lid, and 2 flavor cartridges.
To learn about Cirkul and their story go to this link ( 

Check it out at this link if you want to buy one now---

**My review on this Cirkul bottle will be up as soon as it arrives so keep looking for it. I am excited to try out this bottle and hopefully drink more water :)

Hope y'all are having a great day/night and that you continue to support my blog:)

**BTW I use y'all a lot on here as I am Southern:)

--Daisy Hunnell

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