Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cranberry Bites Dog Treats-- Review

Pepper the Terrier loves these treats that help her Urinary Tract and Kidneys. She has trouble "relieving" herself sometimes and often licks herself from discomfort so I (as a pet mom who loves her furbaby and before a dreaded vet trip) tried these out and they really helped her!! Within 2 days she was active and happy again with little to no discomfort and could relieve herself. 

I love that this has Cran-Max, supports the Kidneys and Bladders, has Antioxidants, is Made in the USA, and has No Grain/Corn/Artificial Flavoring/Preservatives

Pepper the Terrier posing with her treats

I also love that this has plenty of treats in it so you do not run out as fast and Pepper the Terrier loves the taste and can't wait to eat one. 

**Also if I say so myself Zesty Paws is an awesome company and they sell plenty of other pet proucts that you can check out. 

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