Monday, March 12, 2018

ZestyPaws Grass Burn Spot-- Dog Treats-- Keeps your Lawn and Pets Happy & Healthy.

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Today's review is on the ZestyPaw's Grass Burn Spot Treats for Dogs as I love my furbabies but hate the damage they can do to your yard. I am one of those people that would love a lush, green lawn but come far from it with my 5 dogs. I am hoping to turn this around using these treats and if not then I still love these treats for their other benefits-- Digestive and Immune Support. My furbabies are addicted to these treats and I have all but one dog eating them (because Pepper the Terrier is on the Cranberry Bladder Support Treats from ZestyPaws--- you can find those one post back on my blog). 

Linda the Saint Bermastiff puppy loves them, Tiny the Collie Mix loves them, Lulu the Lab-Poodle Mix loves them, and Bella the Yorkie loves them. Therefore I can almost guarantee that your furbabies will love them too because my little babies are spoiled beyond belief. 

Below I will attach my Instagram post (@hunnelldaisy) of my babies and their treats. 
*Note-- Only Linda and Tiny are featured as the rest of my babies hate to model apparently πŸ˜‚

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**ZestyPaws has a lot of pet supplies on their site so check them out :)bl

If you buy these treats let me know what you and your furbabies thought about them!!! :) <3 nbsp="" p="">
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