Friday, April 20, 2018

FreedomPop Review

Hey guys!! 

My review today is on the phone service that I currently use called FreedomPop. I ordered a Moto E from them and got the "free plan" from them. They have very affordable phones and affordable service plans + lots of extras that you can pay for. 

*Screenshot of their site

Here is a picture of a Moto E (yes it is outdated to today's phone standards, but it is a temporary replacement phone until I get an iPhone). 

**Disclaimer--not my photo-- from Google

It is a plain white phone that is a 2nd Gen and it is 4G LTE. This phone is fast and it functions well enough. It takes okay pictures, sucks at selfies, and has poor storage (5 GB total). For a quick replacement phone (which is what it was for me) it did the job and functioned okay. This phone is nothing to brag about though and should be avoided if possible. 

Now lets talk more about FreedomPop. They offer lots of phones, service plans, add on's, and even offer a "free plan". I ended up switching to the free plan as I am a college student who is also a freelancer and was in a tough spot for a little while. 

Whats included in the "free plan"?

The free plan is actually called the Basic 200 plan and it gives you 200 talk minutes, 500 text, 500 MB of data, and additional data is only $0.020/MB. 

It's nothing fancy and nothing to brag is very "essential". I added for $1.99 the MMS and Group Messages so that I can text photos, receive photos, and talk in groups. You can also add things like visual voicemail, phone premier & VIP support, phone value bundle, speed boost for the internet, private internet, premium plus plan, and premium voice (all cost extra). 

Other Plans:

The rest of their phone plans include the Premium 1 GB which is $22.99/month and includes unlimited messages, unlimited text, and 1 GB data. The Premium 2 GB has unlimited talk and text with 2 GB of data for $24.99/month. The Premium 4 GB has unlimited talk and text with 4 GB of data for $34.99/month. The Premium 5 GB has unlimited talk and text with 5 GB data for $34.99/month. 

If you are looking for affordable phones and/or phone services then look no further than FreedomPop. Here is a link to sign up--->

Hope you enjoyed my review.

Thanks for reading.

--Daisy Hunnell

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