Monday, April 23, 2018

Kodak Mini Shot Camera--- Review

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Daisy here with another wonderful product review. :) <3 p="">

I recently received the Kodak Mini Shot Camera for free in exchange for my honest review. I love this camera and how easy it is to use plus the fact that it prints out the photos. I would say that this is perfect for photographers, selfie enthusiasts (you know who you are and I'm guilty too πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚), and for scrapbook enthusiasts (which is actually where some of these photos are going). I will also be using this camera at my wedding to get photos with my mother, my fiance's mother, my bridesmaids, and other important people (and then scrapbooking the memories). 

Specifications of Camera:
* 10 MP Camera with 1.7-inch Viewfinder
*You can add photo borders
*Bluetooth connectivity
*4Pass Printing Technology
*All-in-One Cartridge
*Sleek modern design

*Easy to use
*Prints photos out immediately
*Great for scrapbookers, photographers, and selfie enthusiasts
*Prints high-quality photos
*You get to watch the printing happen before your eyes which is pretty cool
*Refills are sold on Amazon

* A little pricey, but definitely worth it!!! :) 

Here is my Instagram post about the camera (feel free to follow me @hunnelldaisy): 

*Ignore clothes in background in video--- I am a real person with laundry to fold πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Loving my Kodak Mini Shot Instant Camera that takes photos and prints them. I have taken around 10 photos and printed them off (shown in pictures). My favorite pictures that I have taken include the goose and a selfie of Harley and I (that I edited and added a flower overlay). The pictures come out looking high quality and laminated. I was impressed that it prints it right in front of you and that was interesting to watch. This is perfect for photographers, selfie lovers, and scrapbook enthusiasts. 😍😍❤πŸ˜‡πŸ‘‘ You can get an app on your phone or tablet to edit photos and print them from your gallery. You can also connect the camera to your social media and print from there via the app. I highly recommend this camera and you can buy it and the refills (for printing photos) off Amazon. πŸ’²Buy camera here: πŸ’²Camera Refills: #kodak #kodakminishot #productreview #kodak_photo #kodakcamera #camerathatprintsphotos #photography #selfies #scrapbooking #scrapbookenthusiast **I received this for free in exchange for my honest opinion
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Here is my Youtube video about the camera (please subscribe <3 p="">

πŸ’²Buy Here:

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