Thursday, April 19, 2018

ZestyPaws Dog & Cat Treats--- Salmon Filet-- Review

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It has been a while since my last post and for that, I apologize. I have been super busy with college work, working at home, and some of my reviews that I forgot to post. Happy Earth Week 🌲🌷🌸🌍 to everyone as well and let's all work together to keep our Earth and our home healthy (Earth Week is my favorite because of 1.) I love the environment and care about it, 2.) I am a Brand Ambassador for a company called Sand Cloud-- which supports the cleanup and care of our oceans and marine life (#savethefishies) learn more here ( ) and 3.) My birthday is on Earth Day--April 22nd). 

 Here is my review of the ZestyPaws Salmon Filet Dog and Cat Treats (pictured below). 


* You can tell that these are made from 100% real Salmon as soon as you open the jar. You can see some fish skin still on them and the smell of Salmon. 
*They are crunchy and combined with the smell of Salmon drives the animals (dog or cats) wild. My dogs and cats loved to crunch into these treats and they wanted more than 1 treat at a time. The crunchiness is due to the process of being freeze-dried (which preserves the fish and all the aspects (smell, taste, vitamins, etc.) of it).
*The bottle of treats is pretty large and holds plenty of treats. 
*The packaging of the bottle is bright and the text is easy to see. This is important if, like me, you own more than one type of animal and have all sorts of awesome treats lying around which can make it hard to distinguish between them. 
*These treats are good for your pets cardiovascular system, immune system, skin, and coat. 
*Made in the USA 
*Made with natural ingredients (aka 100% real fish)
*The fish is a rich source of Omega Fatty Acids and has 63% protein in it. 
* Can be fed to both dogs and cats
*Formulated for all ages

* Leaves behind a "fish smell" after eating, but I would say that is to be expected of real fish (so REALLY NO CONS).

Here are some pictures of my own personal pets enjoying the treats: 

My kitten Luna

Luna with her head in the treats being an impatient kitty

Pepper the Terrier says they "smell great and yummy mom"

Lulu the Lab-Poodle Mix is rolling over for these delicious treats.

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Hope you enjoyed this review. 

**Also thanks to ZestyPaws for the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.

**Feel free to shop their site for your furbabies (

--Daisy Hunnell

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