Sunday, May 6, 2018

Month of May Update :)

Hey guys!! 

I am going to do a monthly update from now on to keep you guys updated and in the loop. I have been distant for a while as I have been busy with college, personal stuff, working from home, and my animals. I apologize for that and hope that you appreciate my product reviews and have bought at least some of them. 

This is the wonderful month of May and it has been beautiful outside where I live and that lifts my spirits as I have anxiety and depression. I love the summer and hate the winter as I like to get out of the house, hang with friends/family, go for walks with my pets and fiance, go swimming, and more. Below is a picture of me that my fiance took and I love how bright & sunny the coloration is and how great I look.

Here is a motivational quote for y'all:

**I do not own the picture above and it is from Google Images.

Have a great day and keep looking for more blog posts from myself. 
Feel free to browse my blog and see past reviews (products that you should definitely buy). 

--Daisy Hunnell

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