Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Blue Diamond Ads-- WORK FROM HOME

I have been working through a company called Blue Diamond Ads and I love it!!!You can make upwards of $30/month to rent ad space on your Facebook + Google. You also make $50 per referral.  All of that money adds up and this is definitely an opportunity that you want to take part in. Please understand that they do not "hack" anything and they use your account for legit advertising of sponsored ads. You still own your account and can withdraw your information and use of account at anytime. We have a Facebook Group full of payproofs that are received by our workers + we offer training and support.
1+ year old account(s)
100+ Followers on Facebook
Willingness to actually work

Steps To Sign Up:
1.) Go to this link on your computer, read all info and watch videos, then fill out the application (you can just advertise or recruit or both): http://www.bluediamondadvertising.com/
Please tell them that I sent you/recruit you!!! 
2.) Add me as a friend on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/daisy.hunnell) and message me that you have completed the form and are ready for the next part of the process. Also ask me how I recruit and I might give you some tips.
3.) Sign up for Cash App (how we get paid and it comes with a Visa Card for FREE) or sign up for PayPal (fees associated). Link to sign up-- cash.me/app/TPRPVPL (if link doesn't work MESSAGE ME ON FACEBOOK). 
4.) Complete all steps given to you from myself on Facebook. :)
5.) I will have you join our Facebook Groups and welcomed to our awesome family!! :)

My proof of pay:

Enjoy this awesome opportunity! 
--Daisy Hunnell

UPDATE 06/18/18: I have now made over $80 with this awesome opportunity. So excited for everyone to get started on this. I have recruited one person and received all my $15/month checks on time for my Facebook. If you do Google as well then you will make $30/month.
No sign up bonus is currently being offered as we increased the referral pay instead.

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