Thursday, May 9, 2019

Update: 5/10/19

Hey guys! 

I have taken a long break from blogging but am still doing product reviews on my Instagram ( I have had some new things going on in my life plus some personal struggles that have distracted me from blogging. To update you on my life a little-- I am a Junior at Post University Online, I am still engaged to my man (have been together for 6 years), I am still caring for stray/abandoned/neglected animals (view my pet Instagram here where I post cute furbabies-- ( and I still work from home making pretty good money. 

A week before my birthday (April 22nd) my aunt passed away unexpectly and that took a toll on me and my mental health (I already suffer from anxiety and depression). This week my rabbit that I have had for 5 years passed away from seizure/stroke and that was quite heartbreaking. Things have not been going too well in my personal life and I hope that everyone understands that my mental health and personal life has to come first. 

I have been exercising a lot which is helping with weight loss and my depression/anxiety. I have been drinking a lot of Alkaline Water by Clover Valley (normally I only drink soda which is very bad for your health) and I have been taking vitamins that are specifically designed to meet my needs. 

Other than that I have still being keeping up with some of my product reviews and I have a specific Instagram page for that now ( I will be trying to upload some product reviews on this blog when I feel better (mentally and physically). 

Thanks for reading!
--Daisy Hunnell

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