Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Carefree Anti-Twist Liners Review & Freebie

Hello Everyone!

I'm back for another wonderful review and starting to catchup (finally!). This review is for the Carefree Anti-Twist Liners and thanks to Smiley360 for the free sample to review!

** The opinion featured here is my own and receiving free products does not influence that review as I have high standards of being truthful/honest. **

                      Sample I Received 

These liners were great as they were absorbent (I'm a heavy bleeder), soft like cotton, they did not irritate my skin and they did not twist/bunch up (which lets be honest--- that sucks when it happens!!!). I was able to walk around with my dogs, go shopping and live a "carefree" life while on my monthly period and it was wonderful not having to worry about leaks and embarrassment. I even wore these liners with my favorite expensive Victoria Secret glitter band panties (that should tell you how trustworthy they are).

             Favorite Victoria Secret Panties 

Thanks for checking out my review!!!
Click the word "freebie" below to go to a link and get a freebie of these liners (100% FREE)--- FREEBIE

--Daisy Hunnell
Product Reviewer & Blogger

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