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Cibbcci Moisturizing Matte Lipsticks Review

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I was given the opportunity to review a beautiful & unique makeup kit that had 4 moisturizing matte lipsticks within it. The case (kit) of the lipsticks was beautifully designed, it had a magnetic closure and it was eye-catching. The tubes of the lipsticks themselves was also beautiful and unique while featuring a magnetic lid. I loved the design of this product, but I did experience some cons unfortunately (I rarely experience cons so I did not take this lightly). The cons I experienced is that the lipsticks do not last all day like advertised, they tend to rub off (like onto your drink, your sandwich or your face) and they are not waterproof (I tested it in a light shower to see and ended up looking like a clown). Now the good thing is that those cons can easily be fixed by a decent setting spray (I used Elf Cosmetics Setting Spray). The pros definitely outweigh the cons in this situation as the case was beautiful, the tubes were beautiful, the product was affordable, the lipsticks are very pigmented, the lipsticks apply smoothly & easily and this is something that I would buy just to collect it for the packaging or to give as a fancy gift to a loved one/friend. I would still (definitely) recommend that you purchase this product for yourself, a friend or a loved one (maybe even for Christmas). Overall I would give this lipstick kit 4 stars and if I was rating based on appearances alone it would get 5 stars. I do believe that if the brand was to lower the jelly/moisturizing content just a tad then I would be able to give all 5 stars! I truly hated that it smudged onto my face or got on my food/drink. The best advice I can give for that issue is to use a flat makeup brush and apply concealer around the outline of your lips, then use a setting powder and finish up with the setting spray. 

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Video of Cibbcci Lipstick Kit (exterior):

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Absolutely love this lipstick kit and it's adorable storage box 😍💚💜 It has 4 cruelty-free, waterproof and moisturizing lipsticks inside. I do true reviews and never lie to my viewers. This kit gets 4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Pros: 💜 Does moisturize your lips 💜 Beautiful matte colors 💜 Would suit all skintones 💜 Goes on smoothly and has a smooth, silky texture 💜 Cute magnetic storage box 💜 Lipstick caps are magnetic (convenient and cool to play with) 💜 Cruelty-free Cons: 💚 Does not last all day 💚 Will smear/rub off on your face 💚 Not waterproof The cons can be fixed easily with setting spray, but still needed mentioned 👄💋 Next review I will show you the colors and possibly me opening one so you can see the awesome magnetic lids. 😍 Buy here: #mattelips #mattelipstick #lipstickkit #makeup #makeuplovers #makeupaddicted #makeupaddiction #pigmented #moisturizinglipsticks #moisturizinglipstick #junglelipstick #crueltyfreecosmetics #crueltyfree #cibbcci #cibbccicosmetics #4starproducts #treatyourself #holidaydeals #musthaveproducts #lipstick #lipstickfixeseverything #productreviewer #productreview #blogger
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Video of interior + shows how the kit & the lipsticks have a magnetic lid:

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Look at my last review for full details ➡️➡️ I rated these lipsticks 4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐ and only deducted a star because they are not long lasting nor waterproof and they smudge (which means the advertising is incorrect). Easily fixed with setting spray, but still needed mentioned. These are moisturizing, the box is cute, the lipstick designs themselves are cute, the magnetic case + lipstick tops are cool and overall I would buy this for myself or gift it to someone else. The swatches you can see are pigmented and it applies smoothly. I love that the company is cruelty-free 💚 😍 Buy here: #crueltyfree #crueltyfreecosmetics #makeup #makeuplover #makeupaddiction #pigmented #lipproducts #lipstickfixeseverything #lipstick #mattelips #mattelipstick #junglecamoflauge #cibbccicosmetics #cibbcci #productreview #productreviewer #blogger #musthaveproducts #perfectgifts
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Photos of Cibbcci 4 Piece Lipstick Kit (interior): 

Swatches of lipsticks:

Photos wearing the lightest pink/nude:

Photos wearing the red

I tried both the orange and the dark mauve as well. Not usual colors that I turn too as my favorite colors are red, pink or nude. I will not be posting photos of the colors for the purpose that I am not yet comfortable with how I look in them. I can assure you though that the colors in this kit will look excellent with just about any skintone (take it from the girl with yellow/red weirdly pigmented skin).

If interested you can purchase the kit here (from Amazon):

If you do buy this kit please tag me in your photos on Instagram, comment below what you think or comment on my Instagram posts of the product (please). I put a lot of hard work into these reviews and I would like to know who benefits from them :) 

Thanks for reading my review! 
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