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Hey guys!
 On this page I have decided to post about great deals that I have found (meaning great products with great savings). I love to get a great deal on something and I hope that y'all do too (I mean who doesn't? You might see a lot of Amazon products on here as I am a reviewer and I love to shop on Amazon. This page is practically new so it will take me a while to get use to posting great deals that I find.

1.) To start us out with, I am a freelancer and work from home. Anyway, I had to go out and purchase a headset (and not wanting to spend a lot) I went to Big Lots and found a headset called iConnect Professional On-Ear Headset with Built in Mic it was only $10.00 and with all the features that it outlines I thought that I would try it out! It says that it has an adjustable fit, padded ear cups, adjustable mic stem, hi-fidelity mic, rich and clear stereo sound, and simple setup. The sound quality on these headphones is not bad for the price, I even listened to music on YouTube and then on Pandora, and it didn't distort it. I recorded my voice while using this headset and I liked the results that I played back! All in all this headset is definitely worth the ten bucks and is good enough to use for online gaming or for work at home jobs---customer service rep., etc. I will insert a sound clip of me using the headphones, I used Windows Sound Recorder to record my voice. If you would like to listen to my sound clip that I recorded using the headphones then please go to the main page of my blog and scroll all the way down to the bottom, copy the link and paste it into your browser. The link will take you to which has been rated as a safe site! Fill out your email address and it will send you a download link, go there and download it, then you can play the file. <----Sorry for the long process, but it is the only file hosting site that I found that was legit and safe to use (don't want to spam y'all---so let me know if it starts to do that, but I tested it out myself and haven't got any spam so:))
2.) Amazon Prime-- For around $11 a month, you can get unlimited music streaming (and can download songs), you can read unlimited books, you can watch movies on Amazon, and much more!! My fiance and I really enjoy this plus the free 2 day shipping that comes with it, as we are always purchasing off Amazon! I highly recommend y'all check it out!!
3.) Bath and Body Works
Always has great sales and if I posted every single one then I would have to update this a lot. So instead check out Bath and Body Works a lot and sign up for their emails.
4.) Elf Cosmetics
*Spend $25 on Elf Cosmetics site and get 3 free gifts (current deal for 2/18/17 might not be there when you check). They always have great deals though.
* Has cheap, high quality makeup.     
Tell them that my blog sent you!!
5.) Moody Sisters-
*Has all natural products and has deals usually going on. They have all sorts of products like bath bombs and more.
*Go to to check it out! Tell them I sent you :)
6.) Hollar
*Has lots of products on their site and at great deals on some of the items. Several different categories sell lots of different things like the Hollar Section has $1 products, they have kids toys and products for cheap prices, they have an awesome party section with themed party items (like 1st birthday for boys and girls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bachelorette Parties, etc.) for as cheap as $2 a guest and it makes it easy to plan out the party. Lots and lots of great deals and different categories, so I
 recommend that you look this site over real well.
*  Tell them that my blog sent you!!

7.) There is a review on my main blog page about their clothing and I love this place. Everything is affordable and looks to be high-quality. Check out their site and tell them that I sent you. 

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