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I am getting bored of my old format on my blog (where it is just one page) and have decided to add this page to my blog---Tips & Tricks! I love to give you all sorts of helpful tips and tricks!! :) So, welcome to the new page!! I hope that you enjoy the following Tips&Tricks and that you find them to be useful or at least entertaining.

1.) My first tip&trick is vinegar---surprising right?---you can use vinegar to clean your house, to kill lice, to discourage a dog from peeing in a repeat spot (spray plain vinegar on the spot), to discourage fleas (spray vinegar and water on your pet), to clean your drains (when mixed with baking soda 1/2 cup baking soda to 1 cup vinegar and then flush with hot water), and you can use it to deodorize your carpets (mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle, add dish-washing liquid or laundry detergent if you want, and spray your carpet). There are ton's of uses for vinegar and the more research that you do, the more uses you can find!! :)

2.) My second tip &trick is using zip ties to hold rabbit and guinea pig water bottles!! The water bottle holders that you get from stores are really cheap and usually do not hold the water bottles up properly. I have one guinea pig and a 2 rabbits and I find that using zip ties to hold the water bottles up is both cost-effective and useful. I prefer the zip ties that have the release button (also called reusable zip ties), but I have used the other zip ties when I can't find the reusable ones. If you use the ones that do not release easily then I recommend that you leave them loose enough to slip the bottles out for refills, but not loose enough for the bottle to fall out.
3.) We all know how expensive Swiffer Wetjet Refills can be ( I mean you have to buy both the pads and the liquid at least once a month). I have found some tips and tricks to beat the costs associated with the Swiffer! These tips include: Reuse the bottle that you buy the first time by cutting a hole in the top of the lid and pouring your favorite cleaner in (Fabulosa, Mr. Clean, Bleach, etc.) and then mop as usual (be careful not to turn it upside down or to move to rapidly). You can use cloth and make your own reusable swiffer pads by sewing it to fit the swiffer (I like using an absorbent towel or washcloth) and when dirty you just take it off and wash it. You can also use those old mismatched socks and stretch them over each side.

4.) You know that annoying time when crap got in between your keys and was making them stick and it made you really upset? The best way to clean between your keys is to use a fluffy Blush Brush (not the same one you use on your face, you can buy a cheap one at a dollar store for like $2). You take the clean brush and run it between your keys and you can even run it over your screen and in every nook and cranny. It keeps your laptop or desktop clean.
I use this every time anything gets between my keys and I love it!! :)

5.) So, you want to give your friend a gift of a candle or maybe some food, but not let it look so cheap? Get a cupcake or muffin liner with a cute pattern and put it under where the lid would screw on, secure it with a rubber band, put the lid on, and then run a ribbon and tie a cute bow!! I have done this a lot and they always love how cute it looks.  Cupcake liners come in all sorts of different colors and patterns and make it look personalized. I tend to do this and put them in a gift bag with a cute card.

6.) You have some cute candles and want to jazz them up a little? Use a wine glass as a candle holder ! These are really cute for weddings or for the holidays and are very easy to make. For more ideas just Google "Wine Glass Candle Holders" and go to images.

   7.) Need to clean some pet stains or a wine stain or some sort of stain that is hard to remove? Or maybe you just want your carpets to look good and new. Maybe the dog peed on the bed and you want the stain and smell out? Pour baking soda on the area and then pour vinegar on top, it will bubble up and turn the color of the stain as it removes the stain, repeat until the bubbles are just white, now take a wet sponge and scrub the area, turn on a fan and let dry. This gets rid of odor and stains-- so it is a WIN WIN.

8.) Does you dog, cat, bunny, or guinea pig have ear mites? You could try some over the counter medicine for Ear Mites at any pet store, you could spend a lot of money at the vet, or you could try this proven way to kill ear mites safely (and the one that I have used time and time again with my babies).
Put about 1 ML of baby oil in the affected ears every day for at least 3 days until the ears are clean and clear of ear mites and until your pet quits complaining about their ears (depends on how bad the infestation is--could take 1-2 weeks). I have used this for my rabbit, my dogs, my guinea pigs, and my cats (with great success). I often recommend this treatment to everyone and it has saved my furbabies lots of suffering and myself lots of money. The best thing is that this is safer than the chemicals in Ear Mite Medicine and it lubricates the inside of the ear as well. I have 2 rabbits, 1 guinea pig, 5 dogs, and several cats (mainly strays and ferals that showed up to my house and I feed them + water them + give medical care & attention.

9.) Hydrogen Peroxide to clean your ears? You are not supposed to use cotton swabs to clean your ears as you can damage your eardrum. However, you can pour about a capful of Hydrogen Peroxide in each ear and let it bubble out the built up earwax and then you can empty your ear. It is safe and effective and doctors recommend it.
You can also use Hydrogen Peroxide to whiten your teeth and to reduce tooth pain (do not swallow--- swish and spit out).

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