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I have worked from home with great success and this page is dedicated to helping you do the same thing! It is true that not every opportunity for an at home job is true( there are lots of scams out there). I only post opportunities in which I have gotten paid and mostly all of the ones I post have good reviews. Working at home is not easy and it requires working hard, working many hours, multi-tasking, great organization, learning new skills, and having an open mind. Any job online that claims "instant" money is a SCAM and you need to avoid those. Some real online jobs require a fee, but I tend to avoid those unless they are direct sales (the harder you work to sale your items and to advertise the more you make).

Work at home jobs are not usually meant to be your sole income, but are great for supplemental income or a little extra spending cash. At Leapforce I was making around $150 or less for around 30 minutes of work a day and the more projects you qualify for the more the pay. At Appen I made way more, but you worked longer hours.  I am a member of Blue Diamond Ads (which is free to sign up for and you get paid for connecting a box to your router--- around $15/month (and upwards of $30/month) and $50 per referral). **Update: Appen has now acquired Leapforce as of 2018 so you can work for Appen ONLY***

**First off, I will start with tips on how to tell if a business that is offering you a job is legit. So read these closely (take NOTES) and any opportunity should be checked by these guidelines + common sense. I have been scammed before by online jobs and I can tell you that it is not fun-- it wastes your time and can cost you lots of money if you provide them with bank account info, credit cards, etc. Understand that if it feels like it is too good to be true then it probably is --- while also understanding that NOT EVERY JOB IS A SCAM.

How to tell if it is a SCAM:

1.) Look up the Business Opportunity through the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and see the rating for the company or employer. Not every employer will be listed but if it is and it has a great rating then go for it.
2.) Google the opportunity to read reviews, articles, and everything else about the job. Understand that some reviews are biased and probably lies (either made by competitors or paid to leave).
3.) If they have a website available-- does the website have lots of details, well written sentences, use proper grammar and sentence structure, does it list job opportunities, does it have a "Who Are We?" page, can you contact them through the site (lists phone number, business address, etc.). A legit job will usually have a website that is fully functional and meets most of those requirements.
4.) Do they give you lots of details about the job? The payment, the description of what you will be doing, who you are working for, and what is expected of you?
5.) Do you have to fill out an application/contract? Do they ask for you W-9 info or have you fill it out or at least tell you that you are responsible for you own taxes? Most work at home jobs that I have done had me fill out at least a contract or application and had me fill out a W-9 form or explained that I am responsible for my own taxes.
6.) Do they ask how you want to be paid? Before giving this information, ask lots of questions and know that they are legit. They should only ask for your bank routing information or through a site like Paypal or Cash App or address to send a check. They should not ask any strange questions (like I have had someone ask my bank login information--they won't need this so be smart).
7.) If you think that the opportunity is a SCAM-- report the scam to prevent others from being scammed and make everyone's day better.


1.) Freelance work-- I have some skills that I market out and you can too (are you good at Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Office Work, Photography, Research Online,Coding, Bloggings, Social Media, Virtual Assistant,etc.). If you went to high school or are in college right now or have a business degree or have a graphic arts degree, etc (degrees are not required but are helpful) or if you are willing to learn skills then try it out.  Freelancer is a site that you find jobs on and one that I worked on most recently is a woman who ran a suit business and wanted me to make an Excel document with 25 companies in a certain area and meeting certain criteria and making a list of them with all the details (type of business, address, phone number, etc.). I made $25 for a couple of hours of work and she is paying me another $25 for the same thing, but in a different area and to make a couple of revisions to the first one. Another site like this one is If you want to learn some skills to do these jobs then check out FutureLearn, Codeacademy,,,,, or your local community college.
2.) Independent Contractor: One of which is  Appen and I  made a good money for  one month of work (working 5 days a week and about 4 hours a day). It was a great job  and I could do it from the comfort of my house. I could not discuss any details about the job until I was off the contract (I am off contract currently). Another job like this is Leapforce (1 hour or less of work per day and around $150 or less a month). Both are picky and prefer educated individuals with technology and social media experience. Update: As of 2018 Appen now owns Leapforce and pays well. Apply here:

3.) Vindale Research:Take surveys and earn cash in return. I know that a lot of survey sites are scams, but I have earned money through this one and therefore know that it is legit. You won’t get rich doing this, but it is good extra cash for holidays, food, etc. It is an easy way to earn some cash when you have some spare time (around 10-20 minutes). If you follow me on Instagram @hunnelldaisy then you can see my pictures of my income that I have made through Vindale Research and see that it is legit. Here is my referral link that says that I sent you to try it out (

4.) Blue Diamond Ads:  You get paid for connecting a box to your router (around $15/month for Facebook + another $15/month for Google).  You also get paid for referrals (around $50 per referral). This is legit and safe. You rent your Facebook or Google and they place ads (sponsored ads) from small businesses. You can get paid through PayPal (which takes fees) or Cash App (find it in the App Store--- it takes NO FEES and you can get a VISA CARD for free as well). Your referal pay is paid via PayPal or Cash App but your $15/month or $30/month is sent via check.
We have TRAINING, SUPPORTIVE AND ENCOURAGING ATMOSPHERE, and PROOF OF PAY Facebook Group. For more info send me an email at and put in the subject line: BLUE DIAMOND ADS or sign up here: and mention that I referred you (Daisy Hunnell). Update: I have referred one person and they made money too. You should definitely try this.

5.) Sell ItWorks: You have to pay a fee to sign up and get your Starter Kit (comes with some basic things to help you get started including business cards, a pack of wraps, etc.). You also pay $20/month to keep your website up and active (people can shop on your website and you manage your customers through there as well). You also get paid for referrals + your sales. It helps you to try out the products so that you can share your experience with them. I really loved the Wraps (helps you to lose weight) and the Defining Gel (helps with stretch marks, some skin conditions, wrinkles, dark spots, gets you toned and firm, and more).  ItWorks is a great opportunity and their products are perfect for weight loss. Update: 2018 I stopped selling ItWorks because people in my small town are not open to direct sells. This is perfect if you know a lot of people or live in a city
6.) LeggingGirl: They run promos every now and again where you can join free for a limited time otherwise it costs to join a small one-time fee of $15 or $25 (pays for your website fee which is a one time fee and you can get a free pair of leggings just for signing up and 25% discount for life). I like this company a lot as you sell high-quality clothing (leggings, cardigans, and more) plus all items include free shipping (which customers love) and if you purchase anything for yourself then you get 25% off which is AWESOME!!! We have a Facebook Group full of support and encouragement. If you sign up to join put my name as who referred you (Daisy Hunnell) and send me an email ( that I can give you tips to help you succeed. Sign up here:

7.) Transcription: Can you type fast, have excellent hearing, and are detail oriented? Transcription sounds like an excellent fit for you and best of all you can start as a beginner and learn as you go. Transcriptionist get paid weekly and can earn an average of $245/month.  Apply here:

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